Friday, 31 December 2010

Almost over...

..and the new year is fast approaching.  I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a peaceful and happy New year, and a big thank you for your support throughout the year. I know I don't always reply and of late I have been a little lax with updating my blog. This year hasn't been too good health wise, and time spent on the computer has left me feeling more tired than usual. Hopefuly this will improve and I will be able to stay more in touch with all the wondeful people in blogland.
I know this is a bit late but here are pics of some of the Christmas cards I've made. Kept things a bit more simple than usual....but I still went with the glitter and sparkle....and flower soft...and glossy accents....
I've not been able to do much practising on my colouring, so not much change there...doesn't help when the natural light is virtually non existant and you have to work with artificial light......well...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
First some trinitage cards from La easy and quick. Three layered up and one done as a pop- up. I made a matching bag with the pop-up one but the pics are terrible. (Most of them are..I blame the light)

Pop-up card bag and card front.The backing paper is wrapping paper.

This one was for one of my grandsons.He's been diagnosed as possibly being autistic and is slowly learning the guitar.

Stamped.....embossed with gold and mounted on nestibilities. Dry embossing at the bottom of the card using a holly mask from Stamps Away at Clever Cut. Added gems,sentiment and a ribbon.

Very quick card. It was a free download from a blog and I can't remember the name of it!! I've added Sakura glitter pen to alternate rows (not showing up on pic) and gold glitter to the star.

 Using the mask...Holly from Stamps Away.. to emboss using my die cutter. Cut out the middle with nesties and stamped a greeting...added a ribbon...another quick card.

This was for my 4 year old great niece who requested a Christmas card with Belle.

Lots of glitter and sparkle for a Christmas fairy. The stamp is by Adam Prescot

.Love this penguin!! By Mo Manning. The card was for one of my grandsons who's crazy about penguins.

Another embossed card using a mask. Can you see what I did wrong on this one? Decided to cut out the centre circle and mount it slighty....after I'd put the gems on the trees. Cerrrunchh...Doh! Quite liked the effect though so left as was.
Two cards done with tissues. A pack of eight tissues for a pound and eight images on each tissue. Matted and layered using scraps of card, and backing paper, peel-of sentiment and stars and a ribbon.  Made quite a few of these.

Think I've been quite thrifty this year with the card making. Well.. I suppose I'd better make a start on next years so I wil be well ahead...yeah ..right.

A Very Happy New Year To You All

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

It's going...

..but very slowly. The snow that is. The weather forcast is for slightly higher temperatures over the weekend but then back to the arctic conditions next week. I finally managed to get my guttering reported properly....they will be sending someone out but don't know when.....and the guttering on the back of the house is coming away now. It's all the weight of the snow and ice. Went into town today with eldest son and did the last of my Christmas shopping..only a couple of presents I needed to get and of course deposit money in the bank. I'm back in the black..but only just. Bought myself a few crafting goodies..necessities...card, ribbon, lace, got to have glitter at Christmas!..and I bought myself a hat. I never wear a hat normally but if we are to have more of this cold weather I've decided that it would be sensible. Wasn't sure about it but I am getting used to the idea. I was going to venture out on my own but son advised against it, and I'm glad he was with me. (He was the one that persuade me about the hat). The madness that overtakes some people when Christmas shopping is unbelievable....they become blinkered to anyone around them .....and manners are simply non-existent. Thank goodness for internet shopping. I must just say a very well done to Tesco. They've had a lot of flack lately due to the weather causing problems, and I did wonder if my shopping order would be delayed and/or incomplete. But all arrived well within the 2 hour delivery slot, and with a smile. My freezer and cupboards are now well stocked and will only need fresh provisions from now until Christmas. Sorted. Just got to get the cards made now.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow on snow on snow....

...on snow. A foot and half of snow here and it looks as if more is on the way. Can't go any where 'cos there's no least on this estate. We have a couple of fairly steep hills that keep the buses off. (Sheffield is built on hills ) We can get a bus if we are prepared to walk a mile. Youngest son had to do that to sign on at the jobcentre. They told him that if he didn't he would not get anybenefit. On top of all this I had a snowfall off the roof this morning. It has almost brought down the guttering's hanging very precariously and is likely to bring down my phone line and neighbours satellite dish...... and cannot get it repaired very soon. The repair line is only answering emergency calls. Well I've reported it and if any damage is caused to property or persons, not my problem.....I reported it! Can't get to the bank so now I'm overdrawn and will have charges to pay...great..NOT!  Can't the powers that be understand that it is sometimes impossible for a disabled person to get to a branch. There was a small branch a short bus ride away but that closed last month, so now I have to travel to the city centre. I am considering changing my bank to one that is more local. The charges are higher but at least it is more local. Will have to have a good long think about it though..pros and cons for both.
I can show you the card that I made for the Crafters Re-United forum challenge. I didn't win it..never expect to as the standard is always very high.

The image is from Pink Petticoat and I've coloured it with chalks and a bit of clear sparkle from Sakura. I have decoupaged the pears and the partridge but it's not easy to see on the pic.

Now I really must get cracking on my Christmas cards. Got most of them ready to assemble so shouldn't take me too long.....ha ha....will probably change my mind on some of them half way through. What will really hold me up is envelopes. Have some on order and still waiting 3 weeks later. Got to order some more but can't tell when they will arrive with the weather situation. Ho hum.

Saturday, 20 November 2010


That card I made for a challenge?.....I should have read the instructions properly. Never mind though cos I have made another one...and I really enjoyed making a little bit inky. Proper crafting!.....only kidding, I just love getting messy with the inks. The challenge calls for an easel card with some element of decoupage and embelishments of choice.....and....this is the bit I missed....depict a Christmas song. Anyway I can put it on here now..the first card that is..not the actual challenge one.
The decoupage image is from FSS....added glitter and flower soft. The pink backing paper is by Kate Knight. Everything else from stash. Not a good quality pic..very bad light ..and glitter doesn't photograph well.

Friday, 19 November 2010

It's not been a good week for me. I've felt more tired than usual and feels as though I've had a cold coming on but it's not quite developed into the sneezes and the shivering but that's about all. I think it's starting to get better now though, but it's a slow proccess.  The real downside is that I've not been able to do the crafting that I wanted. Done some though....and.....(drum roll) ..I've actualy made a Christmas card!! Can't show it yet though cos it's for a challenge. With any luck I will be able to do the ATCs for this month. Did make a birthday card for my coming up 14yr old grand-daughter. Had it all worked out and then disaster...I spilt tea on the image I'd coloured. I did have another one ready printed to colour but  I was running out of time. It just didn't turn out right at all. The colours of the card and papers didn't go together and I ended up making something totally different than what I had planned. Not very happy about the end result.....and my colouring definitely hasn't got any better. (Really need to practise with colouring....just can't get it right) it is. The image is by KennyK. Just hope Rebecca will like it, and not think that it's too girly..she's a bit of a tomboy at heart.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Think I'm invisible...

.....not really, just feels that way at the moment. I am a member of a forum and I stay logged in 'cos if I don't it's a pain getting logged back on. I don't participate much but do like to do the monthly ATCs when I can. Well this month's swap is running and I can't join in. Every time I try to post it keeps logging me out!  Another forum has just moved provider and it requires us to register..I applied but have not heard anything back so I am locked out. I can read posts in some catergories, but not all, and I can't post. Seems like I'm "Billy no mates" at the moment. Can't go and make a start on my Christmas cards yet either. The card stock I ordered Should have been here Friday...but the postie went before I had time to get to the door....I was in the shower.... I've got to wait while Monday now to have it re-delivered. I just hate these times when things just don't go right.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Nearly a month.....

..since I last posted on here. Time is flying by and Christmas will soon be upon us. It may be the seasonal change weather wise but I've just been so tired....too tired to do anything much....and not sleeping well. After doing the essential chores I haven't had the energy to do much crafting or spend time on the computer. When I have been on the computer my brain goes into shut down mode and I can't take anything in. I've not made a start on making my Christmas cards yet but all is in hand. I'm making little notes and sorting through my stuff and have a reasonably good idea on what I'm making. Of course things could change...and some ideas will probably go out of the window.....that's the way it is with crafters. We start with one idea and it ends up being something completely different. Christmas shopping wise I'm almost sorted...just a couple of pressies to buy. Of course I have a very restricted budget...don't most of us these days?.....but I think I'm on track with it all. Most of it has been done online or by mail order. Good realy because I hate shopping (except craft shopping) and love receiving parcels.
Create and Craft/Ideal World has done it again..or rather haven't. I need card stock.....just good quality basic can't make a card without a base. Saw some on there with a reasonable price so went to order it. I'd forgotten my password so requested a new one. Email duly arrived and went to type it into the login box.... it wouldn't accept.  Phoned customer service and was left on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up. That's the second time that I've gone elsewhere. 3rd time lucky?..I don't think so.
My girls (Milly and Molly) are keeping me on my toes. They are so adorable and at times so mischievous..they are growing so fast and exploring. Places that were safe from them aren't any longer. They are both good climbers. It's like having a couple of naughty kids around the place. I'm beginning to dread putting the Christmas tree up...boy are they gonna have fun!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

It's been a good couple of weeks....

....well sort of. Having ordered my shopping online and it being delivered promptly I feel a lot less stressed. I've not done a lot really..been chillin' and taking things easy. Last Wednesday went to lunch and the theatre(Crucible), with my friend Anne to see Hamlet. She got the tickets as a birthday present to me. Must say it was brilliant. Guess who forgot to turn their phone off?.....and guess who's phone rang twice because it wouldn't turn off?....yes me. I did manage to turn it off eventually..thankfully. What makes it worse is my ring tone....the theme to "Danger Mouse." Had visions off being escorted out. Ah well..all makes for an interesting day. The day was wonderful....thank you Anne. It's taken it's toll though.....have been so tired and am only just starting to come round...wouldn't have missed it for anything though.
I'm still waiting for something to be done about my ceiling. The last time I phoned about it, I was promised that it would be sorted by Friday the 8th. Well Friday the 8th came and went. Phoned again and was told that someone would be here on Monday without fail. Not sure if that is just to look at what needs doing or if the job is going to get done. Can't see the latter really as no one has been to see it.  Well I do know that if it isn't done very soon, I might just tell them that if it isn't done I will have to get someone in to do it, and send them the bill. Perhaps that will give'em a kick up the proverbial. I'm totally p****d off now.
Milly and Molly are 5 months old now, growing fast and are just as adorable and boisterous as ever. They certainly keep me on my toes. Here are some pics of them on a sunny kitchen window sill taken a couple of weeks ago. Molly is a bit terriatorial (sp) and seems to think that that place is hers. One of the gloriously sunny days that we are still getting..alternating with wind and almost torrential rain. Myself I think we might be in for a wet winter


Saturday, 25 September 2010

Autumn has arrived..

....cold winds are making it very autumnal here. We have had some gloriously sunny starts to the days followed by some torrential rain. Wanted to get into the garden but not had much chance....I've been so very tired lately. Got up this morning to a right mess in the kitchen. Molly wasn't well during the night and today she has vomited most of what she has eaten. I've tried her with a very small amount of food this evening and she seems to be keeping it down.  Hopefully it's just an upset tum thats she's had . She seemsa lot brighter now, and is playing with Milly. I think she might have eaten some leaves of one of my plants. Will have to find somewhere to put the plants out of their reach, now that they can get onto all surfaces....nothing is safe!
I've spent the last couple of hours comparing prices for shopping online. My usual fortnightly shopping trips are beginning to get too much for me, so I will have to start shopping online again. I used to do this when I worked...I didn't want to spend my days off food shopping. Well the prices seem to compare favourably and I think an order will be put in this week. The only thing I will have to remeber is to go to the bank to put the money in. Not a great chore though as I can combine that with a library visit. If I pick my delivery slot carefully it will cost me no more than it does at present. don't know what son and DIL will have to say about it, but it can't be just takes too much out of me and takes me a few days to recover.This will give me more time and energy to do my crafting.....something I love and has been somewhat neglected the last few weeks.  Christmas is coming and I want to get a head start so that I wont be playing catch-up at the last minute. My 5 grandchildren all have their birthdays around Christmas, so that is even more to do. I could buy cards for them but they have come to expect hand made cards, and I know that they look forward to them. I think they like the fact that they are personal to them...makes them feel a bit more special.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Where has it gone?

This month that is. It's flying by and leaving me floundering. I seem to be doing a lot but getting nowhere fast. I haven't been on the computer for days..I've just been so tired. Got on today and spent a lot of time catching up with emails. I've decided that the next few days are going to be for me. The housework, except for the essentials, are just going to have to take a back seat. I'm going to do some crafting and perhaps a little bit of cross stitching. There are a few small UFOs to do. Also going to sort out my Christmas crafting stuff and see what I've got, and decide what I'm going to do.
The plasterer still hasn't been about my ceiling. Three phone calls have now been made and they have put it on the urgent list. At this rate I might get the living room decorated for Christmas.
Just a short hearing aids are bleeping at me....time for a battery change. Got to find the manual to make sure I get it right. I'm so used to them now I can't be without them.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

I got a brand new...

...lawnmower. It's bigger than I thought it would be but it does collect the grass cuttings so no more raking, and it does have four cutting heights, which can only be good as far as I'm concerned. Haven't had a chance to use it yet. Was at the hospital yesterday and shopping today. Hopefully the weather will hold for the next few days. Also got my hearing aids fitted yesterday. Wow..what a difference they make. I'm hearing things that I haven't heard properly for a long the cats purring. I thought I was hearing the purr but I wasn't...I was only feeling it as I stroked them. I can now hear the phone even when I'm not in the same room, I can now tell which direction traffic is coming from when I'm outside and it has made a considerable difference to the tv and stereo volume. The big difference for me is the fact that I no longer feel so isolated when out in a crowd..I can hear what's going on around me. They are taking a bit of getting used to  and there is one downside for me. When I'm upstairs at my craft space (my bedroom) I can hear the traffic outside with the windows open. I can turn them off though so perhaps it wont be a problem. It was my birthday yesterday so beside the lovely cards, flowers, chocolates, candle set and other gifts, being able to hear as I can now for probably the first time in my life made it extra special.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Sod's law again..

...and I'm sure this house has a jinks. Son had 5 days off work last week and promised to get on with the decorating and get the living room finished. Second coat of paint on the ceiling and walls, door frames and skirting boards glossed and the chimney breast wallpapered. Easy. (He did train as a painter and decorator)Not to be though. Started the ceiling ok then a shout....Muuuumm......What? The plaster was coming off! in touch with housing and they said that someone would be in touch within 10 days...still waiting. Will phone them tomorrow but as it is a bank holiday nothing will be done anytime soon.  With any luck the living room might get done in time for Christmas.....not holding my breath though.
 I wanted to make a start on the front garden which has been sadly neglected while the new fencing was being erected. Yesterday decided that I had an hour and made a start. Got halfway through cutting the lawn and then disaster.....the lawnmower started smoking and then cut out. The motor is burned out. That means a new one and more expense. ...AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! Will anything ever go right in this house?...I think not.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I got piccies...

...of Milly and Molly. I managed to get these while sitting out on the back step on Sunday evening. They like to sit out there with me in the sun while I have a cuppa. 13 weeks old and full of energy.

What's this way...?
Shall we try this way..?
I'm Milly......
...and I'm Molly.

Doesn't Molly just love to pose!..unlike Milly who's more interested in that little black box that I'm holding. (My camera phone) 

I also managed to get ATC's done for this month and a birthday card for DIL's birthday which was yesterday.  Finally got a pic ..blogger didn't want to play nice.
I've used Fred's flowers and my butterfly punch..a bit of stickles glitter glue, gems, brads and a Woodware border punch.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Been sooo busy...

..with Molly and Milly. Constant cleaning up after them, but at last, after trial and error food wise they  are funtioning normally. It's like having twin toddlers about the house..they are into everything and are now setting their sites in... "what can we climb now that we are bigger." They are great free runners as well. You have to be careful when they are in full flight so to speak...stay still or get run over. Love 'em to bits though and they are such a joy to have. I've tried to take some pics of them awake but no chance. Awake means active.  During this time I've not had the energy to do much housework..but it had to be done.I made myself a list and slowly got through the jobs. I even managed some crafting yesterday (tidied my craft space !) and a bit of gardening today. Not had much time or energy for the computer and I have a long list of emails as well as trying to keep up with everything thats happening forum and blog wise. I will make some time to catch up with it all. The girls have an afternoon nap so I can leave them quite safely while I get on with things. They still have to be in the kitchen when no one is with them for their own safety. A lot less hazards in the kitchen ..up to now.....they have learnt how to get on to the dining table.  Still quite a bit to be done in the garden. The weeds have flourished in the recent rain, as they do.....hopefully I will be able to get more done during the next few days if the weather stays reasonably now I'm off to bed in the hope that I can actually get to sleep before dawn.

Monday, 26 July 2010

If anything can go wrong.... will. Sod's law...and it has.  It's been a busy and very tiring week. Having to get up very early......7 o'clock.... for delivery of my new freezer. A hospital appointment that was over an hour long and took an hour and a half travelling time each way. Shopping on Thursday that wore me out due to extra shopping to fill the new freezer..and finally my little fur babies have the runs. I'm not too worried at the moment as they are eating well and drinking water....are as boisterous as ever, but they are tiny and any weight loss is not good at their age..9 weeks. I've been taking extra precautions hygiene wise and I'm exhausted. To top it all off my kettle is broken, the element has burnt out. Not a major thing but it adds to the pressure. Can't grumble though, it only cost a fiver and I've had it 2 years. Had a problem with my digital phone..that went kaput ..or so I thought...until I tried it in another socket. Was working fine. Anway, I've tried it again in it's original socket and it's working fine now. Technology! As you can probably imagine I haven't managed to do any crafting. I had to pull out of an ATC swap which I hate doing when I've signed up for one. I will have to find time to spend in my craft space this week as it's my youngest's 21st birthday next week, and he will expect a special card.
On the hospital front, they have decided that they are going to give me two hearing aids instead of the one. This is because although my left ear hasn't much hearing loss I find it difficult sometimes because of background noise and the tinnitus. I will be able to use that one when I need it. I go back in 6 weeks time to have them fitted. While I'm on the subject of hearing....I've become more aware of an annoying situation. Because I have some hearing loss it does not mean that I am stupid..... and I can read and write.  If you speak clearly and look at me I can usually lip read any words that I miss.  I am sick of having to say.. "pardon" or "sorry?".. when someone talks to me and doesn't look at me while speaking. Perhaps this will not be necessary when I have my hearing aids. I think though that I will still lip read as I've done all my life....habits die hard.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

I tought I taw a puddy cat...

...I did! I taw ........2 puddy cats!!  My new little additions to the family.  M&M...Molly and Milly. Just 8 weeks old and tiny.
(Sorry about the picture quality)

They came to me via a friend of DIL. The lady lives in sheltered accomodation and tenants are allowed a cat or small dog as long as they have been spayed/neutered. She bought her cat with assurances that it had been spayed/neutered. Well obviously it hadn't and 5 kittens arrived. She managed to rehome 3 and had promised me one. Last week she was worried about them as they had gone off their food, and the council were on her back to rehome the remaining two kittens. She called in the RSPCA and they said that as the kittens were so tiny another week with mom would be ideal. That shut the council up. As there was one kitten without a home and destined to the RSPCA, I said that if the last one hadn't been homed I would take it. The  RSPCA were happy with that and gave the all clear for them on Friday. So now I have 2 tiny beautiful tabby kittens.
Aren't they gorgeous! They've settled in and are eating, playing and sleeping as normal.

Another pic taken by my son on his phone...better quality.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Started out with good intentions....

...but I got side tracked. I was hoping to give the front garden a little bit of TLC this week but the rain has put paid to that.  Instead I took the vacuum cleaner upstairs today with the intention of doing my bedroom.  Finished off 2 ATCs that should have been in today...all ready for the post now though....and then went on to make some more for another swap. Guess what..the bedroom didn't get done.  Don't care though...I enjoyed myself playing with a stamp that I've had for ages and not used (got a few like that)..and the bedroom will have to wait 'til the weekend. ( My craft spac is in my bedroom). I've got things to do tomorrow. Pay some bills..go to the bank....library.... and the surgery for an ear check. My appointment for the hospital came through and it's for a mould to be taken of my ear (for the hearing aid)...and I have to have an ear check to make sure that there is no build up of wax or any infection.  So much fun....NOT!!!  Perhaps the weather will brighten up for the weekend, and then that will be another excuse not to do housework.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blimey..'s been so long since I last posted! I'm stil here and trying to enjoy the beautiful weather that we have been having.  I say trying because the heat really doesn't do me any favours. It makes my joints swell more and so they become more painful....and trying to get some sleep is a no goer. I've got through quite a few library books lately. Well what else can you do in the we small hours when every one else is sleeping soundly?  Last week I went to the hospital for my hearing test and assessment. The travelling alone wore me out. One hour to get there and an hour and a half back. Anyway...I am almost totally deaf in my right ear (no surprise) and I need a hearing aid. I have lost some hearing in my left ear but not as much as they first thought. The loss is due mainly to having tinnitus which blocks out a lot of the everyday sounds. Anyone who suffers with this will know what I mean...I've lived with it for many years but at times it can be a real pain in the proverbial. The hospital phoned me today and I have another appointment to have my hearing aid fitted in a couple of weeks time. Perhaps then my kids wont complain that the TV/Radio is too loud.
I've not been able to do as much as I wanted in the's just been too hot. We have had a litle rain today and the temperature has lowered slightly....but the forecast is for it to rise again over the weekend. More reading for me then. I'm still waiting for son to get a move on withthe decorating. His last bout of days off was spent watching the footie....but he has 5 days off starting Thursday and he has promised to get a lot done...not holding my breath.  Just want the living room finished, then I can get my curtains up and my ornaments/pictures etc. out of their boxes...which in turn will give me more storage in the cupboards.
I haven't done a lot of crafting except for ATCs..which can be found on my on the right, and a bit of cross stitching.  Still only small pieces of cross stitch but I will make them into cards I thnk.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Do you like the new look?

Thought I would give the new template designs a go. I've gone all summery....matches the beautiful weather we are having at the moment.  Might change my mind yet..but there is plenty to choose from.
Most of my fencing has been erected....just waiting for the metal fence and gate on the front and then it will all be finished. All the paths have been newly tarmaced. I've got some tidying in the garden to do with the digging that had to be done for the fencing posts...and some plants to re-site that I had to move. It's been either too wet or too hot to do a lot in the garden. I'm slowly getting back into crafting again. Done 3 lots of ATC's this month and I've just got to get them posted.  I've also sorted out all my received ATCs ready to go into and album....and located  on the computer, piccies of the ones I received early in the year and will be updating my Picasa album in the near future. Not that I've been totally idle craft wise....I've started doing cross stitching and am enjoying it. It's mostly small pieces that I'm doing, but I do have my eye on a couple of larger projects for when my confidence grows. I did a cross stitch and framed it for my friend Anne's birthday and was pleased at the way it turned out..but I forgot to take a picture of it...DOH!!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Such a lot has happened.... the last couple of weeks. Firstly the Imag-e-nation forum will be no more ...sob sob....but the online shop is still there and stocking more crafty stuff...yay!  I've not been able to get on the computer..due may I say to me being absolutely shattered... and youngest hogging it. He's found tribal wars and is totally least it's stopping him from getting bored. He's still unemployed and the job centre has told him he can't apply to go on the scheme for the long term unemployed...why?.....he's been unemployed for too long!!!! Utter madness.
My paths and front privet hedge has been ripped out and I'm now waiting for the work to renew my paths and put in fencing to resume...the bank holiday has got in the way.  I finally made an appointment to see the doctor about my hearing. I've always had some hearing loss... I was born that way...but lately it has become a bit of a problem. When your 20 year old tells you that the tv is too loud then you know there's a problem. Any a hearing test done and was told that on the preliminary results my hearing is very bad...and that I'm certainly a candidate for needing hearing aids. I just have to see the doctor on Friday for a referral to the hospital. Also had an appointment at the job centre. An appointment was made by letter telling me that a query had arisen with my claim for incapacity benefit. A couple of days before the appointment they telephoned me and changed the appointment date. I asked what the query was. Was told not to worry, it was only to check that I am in receipt of all the benefit I'm entitled to.  Attended the re-scheduled appointment..was kept waiting for 30 minutes and then was interogated.  How many bank accounts do I have?..How much is there in my bank account?..Do I have any savings?..Do I own any property?.....Have I ever done any work, paid or unpaid, while claiming benefit?.... Who else lives with me?  I asked why all the questions.  Was told ...and I quote.."that it has been suggested to this department that I am not as ill as I make out and that my claim is therefore no longer valid." In other words some malicious person (and I have a good idea who) has contacted the department with this claim. I was fuming to say the least. Anyway..signed my statement and was told that it probably wouldn't be going any further as I have been assessed by a medical examiner within the last 12 months and been accepted as too ill to work. Wouldn't mind so much.....know that they have to act on information received....but they already know what date my asessment was...they have it on file.  Change of subject now. I've managed to get most of my crafting goodies unpacked. I might be able to get down to more crafting now that I have a good idea where to find most of my stash. I've missed a few ATC swaps and lots of a lot of catching up to do.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Still a lot to do...

.on the decorating front. I've so many jobs that need doing in the garden and house.... but not the energy to do them as quickly as I would like.  Bought myself a new bed.....when I realised that I'd had my old one for....32 YEARS!!!!!    Needed a wardrobe as well but I couldn't afford the one I really wanted as well as the as a quick fix to that problem I bought one of those self assembly wooden ones with a canvas cover. When it was delivered.... nearly 3 weeks ago....the screws to put it together were missing.  Have been in touch with the suppliers and twice now they have said that they have been despatched. Not happy about this...I've got a wardrobe in pieces that I can't use yet, and my clothes in cardboard boxes taking up valuable crafting space....gggrrrr!!! I'm  still trying to catch up on the computer as well. Took piccies of a card and some ATC's made and swapped but not had the time to upload them yet.  It's another lovely day outside so now I'm off to have a potter in the garden.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

I'm still here..

..and still trying to get organized. There are stil a lot of boxes to unpack...and most of them are in my bedroom making it an obstacle course. Some of my craft stuff is unpacked but not all. It's not worth unpacking untill the decorating is done. A start has been made on that front. Just have to wait for son to have a day off work when he can do it. In the meantime....Monday was my friend Anne's birthday...and although we have chatted on the phone we haven't met up since before Christmas!! it had to be a ladies wot lunch day.  I made her a card and although I say it myself it has been one of the best one's I have done in a long time..was really chuffed with it, I even made a box as well.

I used FSS flowers, embossed them with a large ball tool for dimension, stickles glitter glue for the butterfly dimension punch.   Sponged the edges of the card and butterflies with blue ink pad and added a few self adhesive gems.....and although it doesn't show up on the pic, Sakura clear glitter pen. The text is computer generated.
I still have a lot of catching up to do on the computer but I'm slowly getting there. There are so many blogs that I have not had much chance to visit as yet..but I have made a start...there's so much that I've missed!!