Friday, 13 July 2007

Rain, rain, rain..and more rain

This has been a month, and more, of relentless rain. The wettest month on record, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. The odd day of sunshine we have in between is welcome but it doesn't last.
My Internet connection was unavailable for five days during the worst of it. Being semi housebound I rely on my computer and Internet...perhaps a little too much at times....but boy was I glad to get it back.
I have been lucky in the disruption caused to my life with the flooding....there are families not more than a few miles away that have lost everything. I live on a hill, I grumble about how every year it seems to get longer and steeper. It is times like this that I am thankful that I live where I do. South Yorkshire has suffered. My heart goes out to those that are in dire straits....but on the brighter side, being Yorkshire folk I am certain that the community spirit and tenacity will come to the fore.

On a different subject my card making seems to be taking off. Between myself, son and daughter-in-law we have regular orders for cards. It now looks as though we may have another outlet at the university. We have done a few "one off" orders but now it seems there has been interest which could lead to a regular monthly order. We don't make much financially,just enough to cover our costs. It is gratifying that people like our efforts enough to buy and send to loved ones.

I went to my GP this week..the first time in a alleviate worries I had about a pain just below my ribs. I thought this might just be a pulled muscle and it seems that this is probably the case. As an after thought she decided to take my blood pressure. Now I don't know whether the doctor is just being cautious or may have concerns. Apparently my blood pressure is a bit low and my pulse rate is way too high, so she sent me to the local hospital's walk in clinic for an ECG. I have to wait two weeks for the results. At first I was worried, there has never been any heart or blood pressure problems connected with my family. My mind has been eased by the fact that on reading a thread on the very subject on Foggy Friends, it seems quite a common symptom with M.E. Perhaps this is just another to add to the list!!

The new Harry Potter film was released yesterday (Thursday) and I am determined to get to see it. I have the final book on pre-paid order and can't wait. The 21st of July will see me queueing with my reference number ready at W.H.Smiths with, I'm sure, hundreds more fans. Well we do have to keep the brain active now that the absolutely fantastic Dr Who series has finished!! Not too long until Torchwood is back either!!!!! (What am I like??)