Monday, 1 November 2010

Nearly a month.....

..since I last posted on here. Time is flying by and Christmas will soon be upon us. It may be the seasonal change weather wise but I've just been so tired....too tired to do anything much....and not sleeping well. After doing the essential chores I haven't had the energy to do much crafting or spend time on the computer. When I have been on the computer my brain goes into shut down mode and I can't take anything in. I've not made a start on making my Christmas cards yet but all is in hand. I'm making little notes and sorting through my stuff and have a reasonably good idea on what I'm making. Of course things could change...and some ideas will probably go out of the window.....that's the way it is with crafters. We start with one idea and it ends up being something completely different. Christmas shopping wise I'm almost sorted...just a couple of pressies to buy. Of course I have a very restricted budget...don't most of us these days?.....but I think I'm on track with it all. Most of it has been done online or by mail order. Good realy because I hate shopping (except craft shopping) and love receiving parcels.
Create and Craft/Ideal World has done it again..or rather haven't. I need card stock.....just good quality basic can't make a card without a base. Saw some on there with a reasonable price so went to order it. I'd forgotten my password so requested a new one. Email duly arrived and went to type it into the login box.... it wouldn't accept.  Phoned customer service and was left on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up. That's the second time that I've gone elsewhere. 3rd time lucky?..I don't think so.
My girls (Milly and Molly) are keeping me on my toes. They are so adorable and at times so mischievous..they are growing so fast and exploring. Places that were safe from them aren't any longer. They are both good climbers. It's like having a couple of naughty kids around the place. I'm beginning to dread putting the Christmas tree up...boy are they gonna have fun!

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