Sunday, 18 July 2010

I tought I taw a puddy cat...

...I did! I taw ........2 puddy cats!!  My new little additions to the family.  M&M...Molly and Milly. Just 8 weeks old and tiny.
(Sorry about the picture quality)

They came to me via a friend of DIL. The lady lives in sheltered accomodation and tenants are allowed a cat or small dog as long as they have been spayed/neutered. She bought her cat with assurances that it had been spayed/neutered. Well obviously it hadn't and 5 kittens arrived. She managed to rehome 3 and had promised me one. Last week she was worried about them as they had gone off their food, and the council were on her back to rehome the remaining two kittens. She called in the RSPCA and they said that as the kittens were so tiny another week with mom would be ideal. That shut the council up. As there was one kitten without a home and destined to the RSPCA, I said that if the last one hadn't been homed I would take it. The  RSPCA were happy with that and gave the all clear for them on Friday. So now I have 2 tiny beautiful tabby kittens.
Aren't they gorgeous! They've settled in and are eating, playing and sleeping as normal.

Another pic taken by my son on his phone...better quality.

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Anonymous said...

Awww!!! They're gorgeous puddy cats! Lovely names too. Anne x.