Sunday, 21 February 2010

Spoke too soon....

..everything was going OK with the house. Then things started to go wrong. Firstly the downstairs rooms were plastered...but I had to get the big boss in. Nothing wrong with the actual's just that the plasterers had mixed the plaster on my living room and kitchen floor......and hadn't cleaned up! When the project manager saw the result he was straight on the phone and 10 minutes later two lads were sent to clean it all up. That problem sorted and then the big one. The new central heating and bathroom fittings were due to be installed last Wednesday. The crew turned up....but then youngest ( 20 year old) decided to throw a tantrum. No other word for it..a full blown tantrum...he wouldn't get out of bed and expected the work to continue around the crew pulled out and work has been delayed for another week. The work has been scheduled for this Wednesday and hopefully there will be no hiccups and work will continue. Youngest has been warned! Thursday should have the stairs and remaining 2 bedroms demolished and replastered. Downstairs toilet replaced and a new floor.  That should mean second fix for the joiners and electricians....and the kitchen refit started next week. Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else will hold up the work. Really could have done with the heating today. A lot of snow fell overnight and it's freezing in here.

Unfortunately I have had to put word verification on again for comments. I'm getting a lot of spam again...ggrrrrrrr!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Been awol....

..but I'm still here..just. The work on the house is progressing well. The plastering of the downstairs will be done tomorrow and then it's back upstairs to do the remaining two bedrooms and the stairs and landing. The dust is gets everywhere. We're still living out of boxes..but we have a bath installed and I'm taking the washing over to son and DILs. I'm going over there in the morning because we wont have any electricity or heating until the plasteres have finished..and it will be an all day job. It's a bit of a nightmare and just thinking about how it will be when all the work is finished is keeping me sane at the moment. The house has ben fully rewired with lots of sockets in all the rooms and security lighting outside. I've had scaffolding outside of the house for three weeks now and still no work started on the new roof. This is due to the bad weather making the work schedules way behind. It will get done some time soon though..I hope! I'm missing my crafting big time. Got some cross stitching done though, and I'm hoping to get a couple of parchment pieces done. Well it's time to wrap the computer back into it's plastic jackets (carrier bags)....the dust sheets are no good at keeping the dust off it. It took me two hours to clean it the first time so I'm keeping it well wrapped against the dust.