Sunday, 3 May 2015

No rant this time.....

.......but I'm still struggling health wise. The pain has spread up to my neck.with excruciating pain in my left shoulder joint. I've never had a dislocated shoulder but I can only imagine that the pain is as severe as mine at the moment. I stuck it out for a few days until I couldn't take any more and had to make an appointment with the doctor through the triage system. If I hadn't been able to see a doctor I was ready to get myself to A&E.  Anyway......the doctor I saw (another locum) couldn't have been more helpful and sympathetic. He couldn't give me any more painkillers, I'm taking the strongest dose and amount that I'm prescribed, but he did give me some ibuprofen gel and some simple exercises to do until I see a Physiotherapist. The pain in my shoulder joint is, apparently, caused by the arthritis on my spine which affects the nerves. He told me that it could take a couple of weeks for someone to get in touch to arrange an appointment, then that could be a 6 week wait. The very next day I got a phone call to arrange the appointment. June 4th   at 9 o'clock at the NHS walk-in centre. I thought it would be with the surgery physio, or at one of the two large hospitals. I'd already seen one at the hospital for aids for the arthritis in my hand. The woman apologised for it being so long, but it was difficult to find anyone sooner as the doctor had requested a specialist.  So..where am I at now? For few days everything seemed to calm down and was more manageable.  Hot showers, painkillers and ibuprofen. Nor for long. Pain all the way down my left arm right down into my hand and a burning rash. First thought....reaction to the gel. No. Shingles!!! and it's blooming painful! So here I am in constant pain and feeling very sorry for myself.
 Realised something ironic. The physio I'm seeing is the same one that refused me ESA and decreed I was fit for work last year. Could be interesting. Oh.... and I have my  "non medical medical""  work assessment interview with a medical professional"....... next week. We shall have to see..

Crafting has been difficult but I've made 3 cards. Had to keep them fairly simple.

A card for April inspiration challenge for Crafters re-united. The theme was spring.  Daffies say it for me.
Used a digi image and coloured with my one set of Spectrum Noir pens...... (Was a subscription gift from Making Cards. Do I need some more?..silly question.) ..and my small set of ergo soft pencils. Do I need the spectrum noir pencils with lots and lots of colours?....

This card for my friend Anne. It's her birthday today. Hope she got it in time.

This one for my neice. Her birthday is tomorrow. Posted the same time with Anne's so I hope it arrived.

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