Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I'm still here..

It's been so long since I posted.  Those of you who follow me will know that I was waiting for an appeal date for my claim for ESA. Well I got my date and I duly attended. The two medical professionals were very nice..but all they wanted to know about was my mobility. Nothing about the Post viral fatigue, the osteoporosis or the osteoarthritis. The bad news is that I didn't appeal (no surprise there)..but the good news..they awarded me 6 points for mobility where as before I got none. 15 points are needed to be awarded the full ESA. I applied again straight away as it was more than 6 months from my original application. So again I am waiting for an assessment date while getting the minimum ESA amount which is equal to Jobseekers allowance. Meanwhile another health problem has arisen which took   5 weeks!!   of trying to get a doctors appointment to get any treatment for.
The problem?  My back. It starts with lower back pain and works it's way up to my shoulder blades and at it's very worse into my neck with shooting head pains. It's agonising and debilitating. The doctor has said that it's either osteoarthritis or it could be the result of osteoporosis affecting my spine. He has taken me off the co-dydromel and put me on co-codomel at a three times higher strength. It is helping a little, but only if I rest other words do nowt. Washing pots, loading the washer, peeling potatoes etc. sets it off. Sons do help out a lot but I don't like the idea of  having to rely on them for all the household jobs. They have their own lives to lead.
Crafting wise I haven't done a lot. I'm doing it in small bits...frustrating!
Anyway here are some pics of some that I have managed over the last 6 months I apologise for the quality of the photos.  Quite a few are using Hunkydory papers and also papers from Making Cards magazine. Brilliant when your mojo deserts you, as it has done quite frequently of late.

Thank you for visiting and I will try not to leave it so long between permitting.