Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow on snow on snow....

...on snow. A foot and half of snow here and it looks as if more is on the way. Can't go any where 'cos there's no least on this estate. We have a couple of fairly steep hills that keep the buses off. (Sheffield is built on hills ) We can get a bus if we are prepared to walk a mile. Youngest son had to do that to sign on at the jobcentre. They told him that if he didn't he would not get anybenefit. On top of all this I had a snowfall off the roof this morning. It has almost brought down the guttering's hanging very precariously and is likely to bring down my phone line and neighbours satellite dish...... and cannot get it repaired very soon. The repair line is only answering emergency calls. Well I've reported it and if any damage is caused to property or persons, not my problem.....I reported it! Can't get to the bank so now I'm overdrawn and will have charges to pay...great..NOT!  Can't the powers that be understand that it is sometimes impossible for a disabled person to get to a branch. There was a small branch a short bus ride away but that closed last month, so now I have to travel to the city centre. I am considering changing my bank to one that is more local. The charges are higher but at least it is more local. Will have to have a good long think about it though..pros and cons for both.
I can show you the card that I made for the Crafters Re-United forum challenge. I didn't win it..never expect to as the standard is always very high.

The image is from Pink Petticoat and I've coloured it with chalks and a bit of clear sparkle from Sakura. I have decoupaged the pears and the partridge but it's not easy to see on the pic.

Now I really must get cracking on my Christmas cards. Got most of them ready to assemble so shouldn't take me too long.....ha ha....will probably change my mind on some of them half way through. What will really hold me up is envelopes. Have some on order and still waiting 3 weeks later. Got to order some more but can't tell when they will arrive with the weather situation. Ho hum.

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