Thursday, 15 July 2010

Started out with good intentions....

...but I got side tracked. I was hoping to give the front garden a little bit of TLC this week but the rain has put paid to that.  Instead I took the vacuum cleaner upstairs today with the intention of doing my bedroom.  Finished off 2 ATCs that should have been in today...all ready for the post now though....and then went on to make some more for another swap. Guess what..the bedroom didn't get done.  Don't care though...I enjoyed myself playing with a stamp that I've had for ages and not used (got a few like that)..and the bedroom will have to wait 'til the weekend. ( My craft spac is in my bedroom). I've got things to do tomorrow. Pay some bills..go to the bank....library.... and the surgery for an ear check. My appointment for the hospital came through and it's for a mould to be taken of my ear (for the hearing aid)...and I have to have an ear check to make sure that there is no build up of wax or any infection.  So much fun....NOT!!!  Perhaps the weather will brighten up for the weekend, and then that will be another excuse not to do housework.

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