Monday, 26 July 2010

If anything can go wrong.... will. Sod's law...and it has.  It's been a busy and very tiring week. Having to get up very early......7 o'clock.... for delivery of my new freezer. A hospital appointment that was over an hour long and took an hour and a half travelling time each way. Shopping on Thursday that wore me out due to extra shopping to fill the new freezer..and finally my little fur babies have the runs. I'm not too worried at the moment as they are eating well and drinking water....are as boisterous as ever, but they are tiny and any weight loss is not good at their age..9 weeks. I've been taking extra precautions hygiene wise and I'm exhausted. To top it all off my kettle is broken, the element has burnt out. Not a major thing but it adds to the pressure. Can't grumble though, it only cost a fiver and I've had it 2 years. Had a problem with my digital phone..that went kaput ..or so I thought...until I tried it in another socket. Was working fine. Anway, I've tried it again in it's original socket and it's working fine now. Technology! As you can probably imagine I haven't managed to do any crafting. I had to pull out of an ATC swap which I hate doing when I've signed up for one. I will have to find time to spend in my craft space this week as it's my youngest's 21st birthday next week, and he will expect a special card.
On the hospital front, they have decided that they are going to give me two hearing aids instead of the one. This is because although my left ear hasn't much hearing loss I find it difficult sometimes because of background noise and the tinnitus. I will be able to use that one when I need it. I go back in 6 weeks time to have them fitted. While I'm on the subject of hearing....I've become more aware of an annoying situation. Because I have some hearing loss it does not mean that I am stupid..... and I can read and write.  If you speak clearly and look at me I can usually lip read any words that I miss.  I am sick of having to say.. "pardon" or "sorry?".. when someone talks to me and doesn't look at me while speaking. Perhaps this will not be necessary when I have my hearing aids. I think though that I will still lip read as I've done all my life....habits die hard.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

I tought I taw a puddy cat...

...I did! I taw ........2 puddy cats!!  My new little additions to the family.  M&M...Molly and Milly. Just 8 weeks old and tiny.
(Sorry about the picture quality)

They came to me via a friend of DIL. The lady lives in sheltered accomodation and tenants are allowed a cat or small dog as long as they have been spayed/neutered. She bought her cat with assurances that it had been spayed/neutered. Well obviously it hadn't and 5 kittens arrived. She managed to rehome 3 and had promised me one. Last week she was worried about them as they had gone off their food, and the council were on her back to rehome the remaining two kittens. She called in the RSPCA and they said that as the kittens were so tiny another week with mom would be ideal. That shut the council up. As there was one kitten without a home and destined to the RSPCA, I said that if the last one hadn't been homed I would take it. The  RSPCA were happy with that and gave the all clear for them on Friday. So now I have 2 tiny beautiful tabby kittens.
Aren't they gorgeous! They've settled in and are eating, playing and sleeping as normal.

Another pic taken by my son on his phone...better quality.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Started out with good intentions....

...but I got side tracked. I was hoping to give the front garden a little bit of TLC this week but the rain has put paid to that.  Instead I took the vacuum cleaner upstairs today with the intention of doing my bedroom.  Finished off 2 ATCs that should have been in today...all ready for the post now though....and then went on to make some more for another swap. Guess what..the bedroom didn't get done.  Don't care though...I enjoyed myself playing with a stamp that I've had for ages and not used (got a few like that)..and the bedroom will have to wait 'til the weekend. ( My craft spac is in my bedroom). I've got things to do tomorrow. Pay some bills..go to the bank....library.... and the surgery for an ear check. My appointment for the hospital came through and it's for a mould to be taken of my ear (for the hearing aid)...and I have to have an ear check to make sure that there is no build up of wax or any infection.  So much fun....NOT!!!  Perhaps the weather will brighten up for the weekend, and then that will be another excuse not to do housework.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blimey..'s been so long since I last posted! I'm stil here and trying to enjoy the beautiful weather that we have been having.  I say trying because the heat really doesn't do me any favours. It makes my joints swell more and so they become more painful....and trying to get some sleep is a no goer. I've got through quite a few library books lately. Well what else can you do in the we small hours when every one else is sleeping soundly?  Last week I went to the hospital for my hearing test and assessment. The travelling alone wore me out. One hour to get there and an hour and a half back. Anyway...I am almost totally deaf in my right ear (no surprise) and I need a hearing aid. I have lost some hearing in my left ear but not as much as they first thought. The loss is due mainly to having tinnitus which blocks out a lot of the everyday sounds. Anyone who suffers with this will know what I mean...I've lived with it for many years but at times it can be a real pain in the proverbial. The hospital phoned me today and I have another appointment to have my hearing aid fitted in a couple of weeks time. Perhaps then my kids wont complain that the TV/Radio is too loud.
I've not been able to do as much as I wanted in the's just been too hot. We have had a litle rain today and the temperature has lowered slightly....but the forecast is for it to rise again over the weekend. More reading for me then. I'm still waiting for son to get a move on withthe decorating. His last bout of days off was spent watching the footie....but he has 5 days off starting Thursday and he has promised to get a lot done...not holding my breath.  Just want the living room finished, then I can get my curtains up and my ornaments/pictures etc. out of their boxes...which in turn will give me more storage in the cupboards.
I haven't done a lot of crafting except for ATCs..which can be found on my on the right, and a bit of cross stitching.  Still only small pieces of cross stitch but I will make them into cards I thnk.