Monday, 29 October 2012

3 months since my last post

The reason?  I'm struggling with my health. My energy levels are very low and the arthritis is getting worse and slowing me down even more. The computer has taken a bit of a back seat as my concentration levels are practicaly nil.  I haven't been in the garden for months and it really does need some attention before the really bad weather sets in.  I have been crafting though....mostly making cards for my son. These have been orders he's had, but been unable to fill because of major decorating and all his craft stuff being packed away. Well I got them done..the customers were really pleased with the cards, and now it looks as though we both have potential Christmas orders in the pipe line. Still got to make a start on my own!!!
Here's a few that I've made...not posting them would take me too long and probably bore the pants off you!....LOL 

These 3 for son's friends 

5 cards for a special lady from members of her family. I used papers from Making Cards magazine  and the last one was done with the help of Craft Artist. The customer requested a floral theme for all of them.

Finally a card for son's friends 1st  wedding anniversary

Thank you for looking.... and being patient