Monday, 26 July 2010

If anything can go wrong.... will. Sod's law...and it has.  It's been a busy and very tiring week. Having to get up very early......7 o'clock.... for delivery of my new freezer. A hospital appointment that was over an hour long and took an hour and a half travelling time each way. Shopping on Thursday that wore me out due to extra shopping to fill the new freezer..and finally my little fur babies have the runs. I'm not too worried at the moment as they are eating well and drinking water....are as boisterous as ever, but they are tiny and any weight loss is not good at their age..9 weeks. I've been taking extra precautions hygiene wise and I'm exhausted. To top it all off my kettle is broken, the element has burnt out. Not a major thing but it adds to the pressure. Can't grumble though, it only cost a fiver and I've had it 2 years. Had a problem with my digital phone..that went kaput ..or so I thought...until I tried it in another socket. Was working fine. Anway, I've tried it again in it's original socket and it's working fine now. Technology! As you can probably imagine I haven't managed to do any crafting. I had to pull out of an ATC swap which I hate doing when I've signed up for one. I will have to find time to spend in my craft space this week as it's my youngest's 21st birthday next week, and he will expect a special card.
On the hospital front, they have decided that they are going to give me two hearing aids instead of the one. This is because although my left ear hasn't much hearing loss I find it difficult sometimes because of background noise and the tinnitus. I will be able to use that one when I need it. I go back in 6 weeks time to have them fitted. While I'm on the subject of hearing....I've become more aware of an annoying situation. Because I have some hearing loss it does not mean that I am stupid..... and I can read and write.  If you speak clearly and look at me I can usually lip read any words that I miss.  I am sick of having to say.. "pardon" or "sorry?".. when someone talks to me and doesn't look at me while speaking. Perhaps this will not be necessary when I have my hearing aids. I think though that I will still lip read as I've done all my life....habits die hard.

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