Saturday, 25 September 2010

Autumn has arrived..

....cold winds are making it very autumnal here. We have had some gloriously sunny starts to the days followed by some torrential rain. Wanted to get into the garden but not had much chance....I've been so very tired lately. Got up this morning to a right mess in the kitchen. Molly wasn't well during the night and today she has vomited most of what she has eaten. I've tried her with a very small amount of food this evening and she seems to be keeping it down.  Hopefully it's just an upset tum thats she's had . She seemsa lot brighter now, and is playing with Milly. I think she might have eaten some leaves of one of my plants. Will have to find somewhere to put the plants out of their reach, now that they can get onto all surfaces....nothing is safe!
I've spent the last couple of hours comparing prices for shopping online. My usual fortnightly shopping trips are beginning to get too much for me, so I will have to start shopping online again. I used to do this when I worked...I didn't want to spend my days off food shopping. Well the prices seem to compare favourably and I think an order will be put in this week. The only thing I will have to remeber is to go to the bank to put the money in. Not a great chore though as I can combine that with a library visit. If I pick my delivery slot carefully it will cost me no more than it does at present. don't know what son and DIL will have to say about it, but it can't be just takes too much out of me and takes me a few days to recover.This will give me more time and energy to do my crafting.....something I love and has been somewhat neglected the last few weeks.  Christmas is coming and I want to get a head start so that I wont be playing catch-up at the last minute. My 5 grandchildren all have their birthdays around Christmas, so that is even more to do. I could buy cards for them but they have come to expect hand made cards, and I know that they look forward to them. I think they like the fact that they are personal to them...makes them feel a bit more special.

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