Thursday, 31 July 2008

Weather,sleep and post

The last few days have been very changeable weather wise. Tuesday saw another sweltering hot day, while Wednesday started out wet and overcast but turned hot and sunny in the afternoon. Today has been wet....but still very warm and muggy. I managed to get my errands done in between the heavy showers. The nights are the the worst...I'm not finding it easy to get much sleep with the heat....and I'm so tired. The lawns need cutting, the hedges need trimming and I haven't found the energy to get them done. I need some proper sleep!

Changing the subject I'm waiting on post. ATC's from Crafts Beautiful forum, my prize from Crafts Beautiful...(was advised that I would receive it by Wednesday) problems this end or theirs?.....and some unmounted stamps I ordered....not too worried about those, was told to expect a delay due to high demand.

I've been trying to sort out a photo bucket account to put my pictures of ATC's swaps. I'm not doing very well with it....finding it very hard to concentrate on anything remotely technical at the true British style I'll blame the weather.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Bev's got blog candy

Take a look here to see what's on offer from Bev...scrummy blog candy..and have a browse, her cards are beautiful.

It's Hot!!!!!

The last few days have seen us wilting with the was, apparently, the hottest day of the year yesterday. I would like to get out into the garden but it is far too hot. The wind has got up a little the last couple of hours which is welcome, and thundery heavy showers have been forecast....whether we get them or not is another matter.

I picked up my copy of Crafts Beautiful magazine yesterday and was very surprised to find a picture of my prize winning challenge card in there. I have been informed that my prize should be here by Wednesday. I'll let you you know when it arrives. I'm dead chuffed with myself for winning..and it's a great feeling knowing that something you have created has caught some one's attention. It has certainly spurred me on to perhaps enter more challenges..not just for the chance that you might win....more for sharing and being inspired. There is a whole load of talent out there just waiting to be discovered.

Friday, 25 July 2008


Well I think that I have just about caught up. Sorted the emails...downloaded some programmes that me and my sons need...... I've had a quick read through most of my favourite blog sites, so now I can slow down a bit and get back into some kind of routine. Still a bit of tweaking to do..the main one being my speakers. The ones I have are cheapo ones and don't work too well with "Steve"..the volume is turned up to max but there is hardly any sound. Not a major problem for me at the moment, except I can't listen to my music while browsing blogs; but it is for my sons.....they have to have their music on here!....even though they have mp3' phones with players etc. etc...

Today was the last group condition management meeting...I have a one to one assessment next week with one the councillors to assess how the course has helped me....if at all.
I had a phone call yesterday from the pain management team and was very disappointed to learn that the meetings are held in the city centre. I'm not sure if I will be able to manage this. With the travelling time and the walk from the bus stop to the venue it will make it a very long and tiring day...defeats the object really.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mama Mia.....and thank you

It's been really weird not having a computer this last month.....I didn't think that I would have missed it as much as I did. I did manage to read all 7 of the Harry Potter books and 4 Agatha Christie's. Deciding to make the best of my time away from technology I thought that I would get a good bit of gardening was not to be though. Not only because the weather couldn't make it's mind up, but also partly due to me having an ear infection, which made my balance even worse than it is now. I didn't dare risk using any electrical equipment in the garden...I've managed to get it done now though...the grass is ready for cutting again! I was feeling a bit miserable and so was my friend who hadn't been too well the last couple of we decided to cheer ourselves up with lunch and a trip to the cinema. Well it certainly did the trick. "Mama Mia" is definitely a film worth seeing in my opinion. It had me crying with laughter and singing along. It's has a real feel good factor.
This Friday sees the last of the condition management course. I can't truthfully say that it has helped me much...but that is not to say that these courses aren't useful to anyone else. I can see where they would be beneficial to others. I have signed up for a pain management course though as that seems to be my worst problem....constant pain which can vary in degrees of severity on a daily basis, and disrupts my sleep which adds to my problems with M.E......the hot spell we are having at the moment is not helping either....

Finally I want to say a very big thank you to all the people who have sent messages on my return. The Imag-e-nation forum members were very concerned that they hadn't seen me post on here or the forum and could not get in touch with me. Although I haven't met any of them I am overwhelmed that they missed me and expressed their concern for my well being. What can I say?.......they are simply the best!!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I'm still here...

Just a very quick post to let you know that I'm still I have so much catching up to posts to read....blogs to to if you could all slow down a bit it would be very much appreciated (only kidding). I've just about sorted the emails...all 271 of them.
I know I have some regular visitors to this little place of mine, so I must say a big thank you for being so patient and sticking around while I've been absent from "the net"
Take care.

Monday, 21 July 2008

I'm back!!!!

Yes, here I am at last. There have been major problems with the computer and it just died on me. Well now I have a new one...built for me by son number 1 and not without problems along the way....and I have named my computer Steve. "We can rebuild him....we have the technology......" (how sad am I? It's a lot faster and has a lot more memory. I must just say a very big thank you Paul..son number 1.....and son number 4 for providing the finance....without them we wouldn't have a computer. I have so much to catch up on...nearly 300 emails to start with.
In my absence I have won a prize. The Crafts Beautiful forum run card challenges and I am the very proud and surprised winner of the Animal challenge!!! The card I entered is the one I made for my very dear friend Anne's birthday. (Hold onto it's a prize winning creation) You can check out the posting here.
The reliance we have on technology is a little scary.....but it is so good to be back!!