Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blimey..'s been so long since I last posted! I'm stil here and trying to enjoy the beautiful weather that we have been having.  I say trying because the heat really doesn't do me any favours. It makes my joints swell more and so they become more painful....and trying to get some sleep is a no goer. I've got through quite a few library books lately. Well what else can you do in the we small hours when every one else is sleeping soundly?  Last week I went to the hospital for my hearing test and assessment. The travelling alone wore me out. One hour to get there and an hour and a half back. Anyway...I am almost totally deaf in my right ear (no surprise) and I need a hearing aid. I have lost some hearing in my left ear but not as much as they first thought. The loss is due mainly to having tinnitus which blocks out a lot of the everyday sounds. Anyone who suffers with this will know what I mean...I've lived with it for many years but at times it can be a real pain in the proverbial. The hospital phoned me today and I have another appointment to have my hearing aid fitted in a couple of weeks time. Perhaps then my kids wont complain that the TV/Radio is too loud.
I've not been able to do as much as I wanted in the's just been too hot. We have had a litle rain today and the temperature has lowered slightly....but the forecast is for it to rise again over the weekend. More reading for me then. I'm still waiting for son to get a move on withthe decorating. His last bout of days off was spent watching the footie....but he has 5 days off starting Thursday and he has promised to get a lot done...not holding my breath.  Just want the living room finished, then I can get my curtains up and my ornaments/pictures etc. out of their boxes...which in turn will give me more storage in the cupboards.
I haven't done a lot of crafting except for ATCs..which can be found on my on the right, and a bit of cross stitching.  Still only small pieces of cross stitch but I will make them into cards I thnk.

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