Monday, 28 January 2008

Got a new one...

I couldn't find my old I got a new one. Hope this one decides to stay a little bit longer. It's started from the beginning so it's not strictly accurate.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Where is....

OK....who's pinched it? My free site counter has gone missing. If you know where it's gone I would be grateful if you would let me know. I don't like things going walkabouts without telling me.

More tests....

This week has flown by without me really knowing what day it has been. I managed to get to see a doctor on Wednesday afternoon. He prescribed me some stronger painkillers much to my relief. The back and shoulder pains are still there but a lot more bearable now. I have at last been able to get some much needed sleep. A bit too much sleep perhaps..I haven't been up and about much before lunch time all week. The doctor has also prescribed Gaviscon liquid to ease the pains I get in my chest. He thinks that they may be caused by excess acid but the Helibactor test was negative. Apparently this is quite a common occurrence with M.E. but he has referred me to the hospital for yet more tests. This time for a camera investigation. I think he is just ruling out the possibility of any other condition causing it. Better safe than sorry I suppose. If I haven't heard anything from the hospital in 4 weeks I have to let him know and he will get on to them.
I still have to get to the CAB about an appeal for DLA. Wednesday is the earliest I will be able to go..and just hope that there is someone there that can help with it. I'm not holding my breath that I will be awarded DLA.....the forms are a minefield open to all sorts or interpretation.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Endless nights....

Why am I sat here at my computer at almost 4.30 in the morning? I should be in bed getting precious sleep. The answer is simple.....I am in so much pain sleep is impossible. Saturday night saw me finally getting a couple of hours at 7am. I usually go to my eldest son and daughter-in-laws for Sunday lunch. Suffice to say I didn't make it. The pain I have been getting since carrying home a ream of computer paper has steadily got worse. It's now at the point where sitting or standing for very long is extremely uncomfortable because of pain in my lower back, shoulders and neck...I feel physically nauseous. My head is pounding and the tinnitus is almost unbearable. I can hardly focus my mind on anything. I went for a short walk on Sunday afternoon in the hope that some exercise and fresh air would help. It didn't. I've run out of painkillers...hence the reason I am on here. The time for the surgery to open can't come quick enough for me. Why do the hours go so slowly when you are in pain? The painkillers I take are not on repeat prescription so I am hoping that I can get past a receptionist and speak to one of the doctors and get a prescription. Usually you have to order them 48 hours before. Failing that it will have to be a doctors appointment.....goodness knows when I will get one....could be up to a week!! I definitely can't wait that long....I will certainly go mad.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Can it get any worse?.....

I'm in pain...and I want it to go away. It's so mind numbing I'm finding it hard to concentrate at all. It started last week with a own fault really. A ream of copier paper at half price was too good an opportunity to miss. Carrying it home was the problem. The pain started as a twinge in my shoulder blade. Thought it would ease with a warm bath and rest. It has now spread to my shoulder, arm and neck. I'm fast running out of painkillers which don't seem to be helping at all.
On top of this I have 3 Birthday cards which I hoped to get done in the next week....2 of them are needed by the weekend. I have everything I need to do them....images on my computer and new stamps which arrived yesterday...yay!...except black ink!!! I replaced a black cartridge in my printer fairly recently and have not used it much. It's printing with streaks and alternating between light and annoying! I have followed the manufacturers instructions to clean the nozzles but it's not working. I'm just wasting paper trying. I will just have to try and be patient until next week when I can purchase a new one. Can it get any worse I ask you? On second thoughts...don't answer that!!
Hope your start to the new year has been better than mine.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


It's only January and already the year is not turning out too well for me.
Still haven't heard from the the surveyor about my windows...I'm feeling like I've smacked into a brick wall a decision from the DWP, my claim for DLA has been rejected..again..the decision was based on a medical I had 2 years ago!..and my son Karl has broken his hand. No great catastrophe except it his his right hand and he is right handed.He went to the skate park Monday night and came back with a very bruised and swollen hand. He went to casualty on Tuesday morning and came home with a cast on. Been back this afternoon after work...(yes he did go into work no pay)....they've taken the cast off and put him a splint on. He's in a lot of pain though so I've told him he has to go back in the morning. Can it get any worse at the moment?
To be fair it's not all doom and gloom though. Will give the housing association another ring..see where that gets me. The reason for my increasing pain is due to the fact that I had a particularly busy week. Last Monday was an appointment at the DWP for a "work focused interview". It went ok...I think...and have to go back for another 5 appointments. I don't know how they think it will help me though. She did give my ego a boost though by querying my date of birth. She put me 10 years younger than I am.
Tuesday had to be up at the crack of dawn for a new back door being fitted. At least it doesn't rain in now and it closes properly.
Wednesday saw me shopping with son and daughter-in-law. It was bitterly cold but I had some Christmas money just crying out to be spent on craft goodies...and the sales were on!!! Two new stamps, medallion of them is the Marie Curie daffodil stamp..gorgeous!.. a corner punch, lovely holographic card, computer paper and basic card stock. Have also ordered a set of stamps online....they should arrive in the next couple of days.
Thursday was food shopping day...I hate food shopping.
Friday I wasn't fit for anything, was totally wiped out and am only just starting to recover. This morning was hoping for a lie in but the painter turned up to paint my newly installed door.
I've not made any plans for the rest of the week. I need to try and rest and gather up some energy from somewhere.
And finally....I've had a you like it? I do. Let me know....I know you're out there....

Saturday, 5 January 2008

New year...

Another year over. What the new year will bring I don't know. All I do know that I will be trying my hardest to try and get my life on a more even keel health wise.
My test for the Helicobacter pylori bacteria infection turned out to be negative. So where do I go from here......back to the doctor or carry on with the tablets and hope that the symptoms subside? Another wait and see scenario I think.
Christmas was a very enjoyable and relaxing time for me. Christmas day spent at home with my 2 youngest and boxing day at eldest son's. New year's eve saw me at eldest son's again and came home New years 2 youngest were off out doing their own thing.

I still haven't had any results from the housing association concerning the matter of my windows. A surveyor is supposed to be coming to look at the damage but so far no sign. I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume that the delay is due to the holiday period. I have had some good news though. I am having a new back door fitted. The present one is rotted at the bottom and lets in the rain. I know it won't be a UPVC one like the front...that will be fitted when the refurbishment of the house is done...but at least it will be more secure and dry.

Monday I have an appointment at the DWP for a "work focused interview." Failure to attend this could lead to my benefit being stopped. Now I know that the government is supposed to be clamping down and checking that claimants are genuine.....but for heaven's they think that I actually prefer to live on a third of what I was earning and not having the lifestyle or social life that I used to enjoy? I did query this appointment over the phone and was told that the name is misleading. The interview...apparently..... is to help me manage my disability and possibly train to be able to find suitable The mind boggles!!

May I take this opportunity to wish you all, wherever you may be, a peaceful, happy and healthy new year.