Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Just a week...

...to Christmas day. Am I ready for it?....no I'm not!  Those lovely people at the benefit department have made an almighty cock-up. Was supposed to collect my benefit from the post office today.  Shopping in town tomorrow and having my grocery order delivered Thursday.  It ain't happening!! Why?  Someone has inputted a wrong house number on my claim so nothing has been paid out. After half an hour of answering security questions to confirm my identity,   (D.O.B.  N.I. number, post code, nationality, how long at present address, phone number etc.),  I've been told that someone from the office responsible for my claim will phone me tomorrow to try and sort it out.  You really couldn't make this up. Nearly eight years of claiming, and a week before Christmas someone goes and b**** it up.  I am not a happy bunny. I certainly will be glad when this year is over..it hasn't been a good one. 
On to some pics now. 
First...two things I made for my friend Anne. a little birdhouse inspired by Leonie.  The cross stitch was for her birthday last May but have only just got round to being able to give it to her.
 I apologise for the rubbish photography.

Next....granddaughters birthday card

A selection of Christmas cards made.

This will probably my last post this year, so I will wish you all a peaceful, healthy and happy Christmas season, and a big thank you for visiting.