Sunday, 14 October 2007

Soon be Christmas!

3 months!!! I really can't believe it's been that long since I posted on here. This year seems to have gone by so fast, one of the effects of getting older I suppose. My youngest has now turned 18.....and yes he did get very drunk....not that it takes much to do that. I have had another birthday and my neighbours and I have had to cope with an invasion of ants. Luckily they didn't come into my house but they did next door. The floods earlier in the year probably meant that overall water levels were higher than normal and has driven the ants out of their homes. I have been busy though. Coping with the garden has taken up quite a lot of my time and energy. The refurbishment (if you can call it that) has started. I now have a (small) "patio" halfway up my garden. This visually divides the garden which hopefully will make the tasks easier to manage. There is still quite a bit to do... money and time are the stumbling blocks here..but it will get done. Very careful pacing has had to be done. The weather has turned quite cold now, although we do still have days of fairly bright sunshine. Summer is definitely over now so I think the rest of the work in the garden will have to wait till next year.

Health wise it has been a bit haywire and my energy levels have been very low. The ECG results were more or less what was expected....a high pulse rate, so blood tests were arranged to test for the possibility of thyroid problems. The results of that were normal. Now what to try? A months trial of co-codomol taken with my other medication at night to help with the muscle pain and perhaps allow me better sleep. Well I have been taking them as prescribed. My pulse rate is still high and though I do sleep easier and longer, the quality is no better. We will have to see what the doctors next move is when I next see her. This last week has seen me almost zombie-like, sleeping long hours and unable to do much at all. I haven't been out of the house for 5 days now. A special effort will be needed from me to try and get out tomorrow, even if only for a very short walk to the local shop.

I have started making my Christmas cards this week. It's going a lot slower than I would like. The down side of hand made cards is that everyone expects it of me. No getting away with a shop bought one now. I got a lovely surprise posted through my letter box this morning. My friend, a fellow crafter, has sent me a halloween card and a present of a new stamp!! Yes..we crafters do get quite excited at a new product to play with. It is of quite an elegant lady in a full length gown. Can't wait to try it out. Ideas are already starting to form in my head at the different ways I can use it....oh the possibilities are endless!