Monday, 31 May 2010

Such a lot has happened.... the last couple of weeks. Firstly the Imag-e-nation forum will be no more ...sob sob....but the online shop is still there and stocking more crafty stuff...yay!  I've not been able to get on the computer..due may I say to me being absolutely shattered... and youngest hogging it. He's found tribal wars and is totally least it's stopping him from getting bored. He's still unemployed and the job centre has told him he can't apply to go on the scheme for the long term unemployed...why?.....he's been unemployed for too long!!!! Utter madness.
My paths and front privet hedge has been ripped out and I'm now waiting for the work to renew my paths and put in fencing to resume...the bank holiday has got in the way.  I finally made an appointment to see the doctor about my hearing. I've always had some hearing loss... I was born that way...but lately it has become a bit of a problem. When your 20 year old tells you that the tv is too loud then you know there's a problem. Any a hearing test done and was told that on the preliminary results my hearing is very bad...and that I'm certainly a candidate for needing hearing aids. I just have to see the doctor on Friday for a referral to the hospital. Also had an appointment at the job centre. An appointment was made by letter telling me that a query had arisen with my claim for incapacity benefit. A couple of days before the appointment they telephoned me and changed the appointment date. I asked what the query was. Was told not to worry, it was only to check that I am in receipt of all the benefit I'm entitled to.  Attended the re-scheduled appointment..was kept waiting for 30 minutes and then was interogated.  How many bank accounts do I have?..How much is there in my bank account?..Do I have any savings?..Do I own any property?.....Have I ever done any work, paid or unpaid, while claiming benefit?.... Who else lives with me?  I asked why all the questions.  Was told ...and I quote.."that it has been suggested to this department that I am not as ill as I make out and that my claim is therefore no longer valid." In other words some malicious person (and I have a good idea who) has contacted the department with this claim. I was fuming to say the least. Anyway..signed my statement and was told that it probably wouldn't be going any further as I have been assessed by a medical examiner within the last 12 months and been accepted as too ill to work. Wouldn't mind so much.....know that they have to act on information received....but they already know what date my asessment was...they have it on file.  Change of subject now. I've managed to get most of my crafting goodies unpacked. I might be able to get down to more crafting now that I have a good idea where to find most of my stash. I've missed a few ATC swaps and lots of a lot of catching up to do.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Still a lot to do...

.on the decorating front. I've so many jobs that need doing in the garden and house.... but not the energy to do them as quickly as I would like.  Bought myself a new bed.....when I realised that I'd had my old one for....32 YEARS!!!!!    Needed a wardrobe as well but I couldn't afford the one I really wanted as well as the as a quick fix to that problem I bought one of those self assembly wooden ones with a canvas cover. When it was delivered.... nearly 3 weeks ago....the screws to put it together were missing.  Have been in touch with the suppliers and twice now they have said that they have been despatched. Not happy about this...I've got a wardrobe in pieces that I can't use yet, and my clothes in cardboard boxes taking up valuable crafting space....gggrrrr!!! I'm  still trying to catch up on the computer as well. Took piccies of a card and some ATC's made and swapped but not had the time to upload them yet.  It's another lovely day outside so now I'm off to have a potter in the garden.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

I'm still here..

..and still trying to get organized. There are stil a lot of boxes to unpack...and most of them are in my bedroom making it an obstacle course. Some of my craft stuff is unpacked but not all. It's not worth unpacking untill the decorating is done. A start has been made on that front. Just have to wait for son to have a day off work when he can do it. In the meantime....Monday was my friend Anne's birthday...and although we have chatted on the phone we haven't met up since before Christmas!! it had to be a ladies wot lunch day.  I made her a card and although I say it myself it has been one of the best one's I have done in a long time..was really chuffed with it, I even made a box as well.

I used FSS flowers, embossed them with a large ball tool for dimension, stickles glitter glue for the butterfly dimension punch.   Sponged the edges of the card and butterflies with blue ink pad and added a few self adhesive gems.....and although it doesn't show up on the pic, Sakura clear glitter pen. The text is computer generated.
I still have a lot of catching up to do on the computer but I'm slowly getting there. There are so many blogs that I have not had much chance to visit as yet..but I have made a start...there's so much that I've missed!!