Saturday, 19 February 2011

Winter is still here...

...and we've had snow to prove it. It's blooming cold! Went to the docs yesterday for the results of my x-rays. Expected to be in there for about10 minutes, but was there for half an hour. The results show that since my last x-rays there is considerable degeneration in the bones of my fingers. Doc says this could be osteoarthritis but can't say without further investigation. She wants me to go to the rheumatology clinic again, but has to consult with the doctors from the practice. She is only a locum so can't refer without their say so.
She checked my blood pressure..said it was OK....then checked my pulse again.......said it was high and that an eye will have to be kept on my blood pressure. I've to have another ECG. It's at my local hospital this time, only a 10 minute bus ride and it's a walk in clinic. She also hasn't ruled out Reynaud's for my hands. They are really painful now and I'm beginning to lose some sensation especially with the right one. I'm dropping things more frequently. It's frustrating and annoying. The doc did ask if I needed more painkillers but I said that I'd wait and see about the hospital. If I do get referred they might be able to offer some other treatment other than more painkillers. I'm already on three different ones and sometimes you can hear me  I haven't got as much crafting done as I wanted to, but I even managed to make a card for a challenge. All the pics are still in my phone and I will put them on here as soon as I get the chance. I'm thinking about booking a slot for the computer..both my sons hog it and I have to jump in when the chance arises.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Too good to be...

...true....and it had to happen to me!!!  Was feeling very chuffed with myself today.  Yesterday I managed to do all the jobs on my list, yay!...(I'm back to writing lists again. Feel I have achieved something if I manage to get half of it done.) This morning got up early (for me that is) and got all my kitchen cupboards cleaned...yes!..then went to docs to drop off my prescription request and make an appointment. Was feeling really good and the weather was perfect for gardening.   Didn't push myself, even though I could have stayed out there longer. Just tidied and cleared a small plot where the crocuses are flowering and the tulips are pushing through.  Cooked the tea and then just as we were about to sit down to eat...the cooker exploded.  Well not really....just sounded liked it. The outside glass layer of the oven door shattered. Glass all over the kitchen floor.  I spent a good half hour sweeping it up and then vacuuming with a crevice nozzle attachment. I didn't want any of us getting glass in our feet, or Milly and Mollie getting it in their paws. Phoned my eldest and he says he will have a look on the Internet and see if the glass can be replaced but I think it will have to be a new door....or worse.... a new oven. I really could do without this extra cost just now. Until then I have no oven. I do have the gas hob and a microwave but I rarely use it for actual cooking....just warming things up usually.  Ah well.....tomorrow is another day. Not planning on doing anything.....hopefully a quiet day crafting.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Blimey..'s been so long since my last post. I'm not spending much time on the computer....just too tired at the moment. With spring not in the too distant future my body clock will adjust itself and I can get back to doing the things that I want to. I'm still waiting for the guttering to be repaired. I did phone about it 3 weeks ago and they told me that as I had reported it 1week ago it was not a priority and could be another 3 to 4 weeks before it got repaired. I kept my cool and told them that it was reported well before Christmas, and suggested that as it was only holding on by one bracket  I was not responsible if it fell and injured someone. It suddenly became a priority. . . . . . . . . .Still waiting.  
I had to see the doctors a couplel of weeks ago for a prescription review...all my medication is on I thought it was a good chance for me to bring up the matter of another bone scan. Was told by the hospital when I had a scan 2 years ago, that I would need another one in 12 to 18 months. The doctor I saw said that as I was taking medication for the osteoporosis I didn't need another scan....don't think that's right though. Also asked about my fingers. The joints have become swollen and can at times be very painful. The doctor asked for blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis but said that he thought it was carpel tunnel. Duly had blood tests and went back a couple of days ago. This doctor, (very rarely see the same doctor twice in a row)...said the tests were inconclusive for the rheumatoid arthritis but has requested x- rays on my hands. She said I need to see a rheumatologist again and thinks the problem with my fingers could be Reynaud's. Wish they'd make their minds up! Suppose it is difficult making a right diagnosis because of the M.E....have constant joint and muscle pains everywhere. Might get somewhere next week...I've got the x-rays on Friday morning and have to see the doctor again when results are through.
Crafting wise I've not done much..just 3 birthday cards. Will post those when I get them on computer. I haven't even managed any ATCs. I really will have to make a real effort to get back into crafting mode.
The best thing to happen so far this year? A visit to the theatre to see Me and My Girl. It was fantastic!! Had us all singing along and tears of laughter steaming down my face. I went with Anne..who I must say a very big thank you to. When she went to book the tickets the phones and internet were down so she queued for over an hour!!!  THANK YOU ANNE!!!!