Thursday, 26 August 2010

Sod's law again..

...and I'm sure this house has a jinks. Son had 5 days off work last week and promised to get on with the decorating and get the living room finished. Second coat of paint on the ceiling and walls, door frames and skirting boards glossed and the chimney breast wallpapered. Easy. (He did train as a painter and decorator)Not to be though. Started the ceiling ok then a shout....Muuuumm......What? The plaster was coming off! in touch with housing and they said that someone would be in touch within 10 days...still waiting. Will phone them tomorrow but as it is a bank holiday nothing will be done anytime soon.  With any luck the living room might get done in time for Christmas.....not holding my breath though.
 I wanted to make a start on the front garden which has been sadly neglected while the new fencing was being erected. Yesterday decided that I had an hour and made a start. Got halfway through cutting the lawn and then disaster.....the lawnmower started smoking and then cut out. The motor is burned out. That means a new one and more expense. ...AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! Will anything ever go right in this house?...I think not.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I got piccies...

...of Milly and Molly. I managed to get these while sitting out on the back step on Sunday evening. They like to sit out there with me in the sun while I have a cuppa. 13 weeks old and full of energy.

What's this way...?
Shall we try this way..?
I'm Milly......
...and I'm Molly.

Doesn't Molly just love to pose!..unlike Milly who's more interested in that little black box that I'm holding. (My camera phone) 

I also managed to get ATC's done for this month and a birthday card for DIL's birthday which was yesterday.  Finally got a pic ..blogger didn't want to play nice.
I've used Fred's flowers and my butterfly punch..a bit of stickles glitter glue, gems, brads and a Woodware border punch.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Been sooo busy...

..with Molly and Milly. Constant cleaning up after them, but at last, after trial and error food wise they  are funtioning normally. It's like having twin toddlers about the house..they are into everything and are now setting their sites in... "what can we climb now that we are bigger." They are great free runners as well. You have to be careful when they are in full flight so to speak...stay still or get run over. Love 'em to bits though and they are such a joy to have. I've tried to take some pics of them awake but no chance. Awake means active.  During this time I've not had the energy to do much housework..but it had to be done.I made myself a list and slowly got through the jobs. I even managed some crafting yesterday (tidied my craft space !) and a bit of gardening today. Not had much time or energy for the computer and I have a long list of emails as well as trying to keep up with everything thats happening forum and blog wise. I will make some time to catch up with it all. The girls have an afternoon nap so I can leave them quite safely while I get on with things. They still have to be in the kitchen when no one is with them for their own safety. A lot less hazards in the kitchen ..up to now.....they have learnt how to get on to the dining table.  Still quite a bit to be done in the garden. The weeds have flourished in the recent rain, as they do.....hopefully I will be able to get more done during the next few days if the weather stays reasonably now I'm off to bed in the hope that I can actually get to sleep before dawn.