Friday, 28 March 2014

Spoke too soon...

Just when I thought things were getting back on an even keel after the last year.  How wrong was I? Last month I had to attend a Work Capability assessment....not a medical.  Well the powers that be have decided in their ultimate wisdom that I do not have" limited capability for work,"  and that my Employment and Support Allowance...formerly incapacity benefit will end on the 8th of March.  So now I have to claim jobseekers allowance..... if I meet the criteria... while a "mandatory reconsideration" is made and then an appeal.  To be able to claim ESA you have to achieve 15 points, the same as when attending a medical for the former incapacity benefit......but I have scored..NIL points!  The health care specialist decided that I can "sit or stand ..or a combination of a workstation and using a stick, crutches or propelled wheelchair for one hour."   Watch this space.

Now onto a few cards I've made.

Blue and yellow for eldest son.

One for grandson. Love this Woodware Owl stamp.

 A Hunkydory handbag for youngest's girlfriend.

Building blocks for great-nephew.

Pretty in pink...for great-niece.

Another son..another birthday 

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