Sunday, 10 October 2010

It's been a good couple of weeks....

....well sort of. Having ordered my shopping online and it being delivered promptly I feel a lot less stressed. I've not done a lot really..been chillin' and taking things easy. Last Wednesday went to lunch and the theatre(Crucible), with my friend Anne to see Hamlet. She got the tickets as a birthday present to me. Must say it was brilliant. Guess who forgot to turn their phone off?.....and guess who's phone rang twice because it wouldn't turn off?....yes me. I did manage to turn it off eventually..thankfully. What makes it worse is my ring tone....the theme to "Danger Mouse." Had visions off being escorted out. Ah well..all makes for an interesting day. The day was wonderful....thank you Anne. It's taken it's toll though.....have been so tired and am only just starting to come round...wouldn't have missed it for anything though.
I'm still waiting for something to be done about my ceiling. The last time I phoned about it, I was promised that it would be sorted by Friday the 8th. Well Friday the 8th came and went. Phoned again and was told that someone would be here on Monday without fail. Not sure if that is just to look at what needs doing or if the job is going to get done. Can't see the latter really as no one has been to see it.  Well I do know that if it isn't done very soon, I might just tell them that if it isn't done I will have to get someone in to do it, and send them the bill. Perhaps that will give'em a kick up the proverbial. I'm totally p****d off now.
Milly and Molly are 5 months old now, growing fast and are just as adorable and boisterous as ever. They certainly keep me on my toes. Here are some pics of them on a sunny kitchen window sill taken a couple of weeks ago. Molly is a bit terriatorial (sp) and seems to think that that place is hers. One of the gloriously sunny days that we are still getting..alternating with wind and almost torrential rain. Myself I think we might be in for a wet winter