Saturday, 24 October 2015

I didn't realize....

...that it's been so long since my last post. Health wise things are not much better. I had my "work assessment capability" interview and no surprises there. No points..again. I didn't even get the six points that my earlier appeal awarded for mobility. Applied for the mandatory consideration and again
was refused. I have an appeal date in a couple of weeks. In the meantime I'm signing on and getting job seekers allowance and being threatened on a regular basis with getting sanctioned,  because they don't think I'm doing enough to find a job.  I have to do a job search every day on the computer and that is part of the problem. Sitting at the computer causes me a lot of back pain....half an hour is about my limit, so I don't get to do other things after the job search
A catch up. I saw a physio....who then referred me to another more specialised one because of my "complex health problem." This one asked at length about my pain and did an examination. The result was that I was probably having a bad flare up of the chronic pain and combined arthritis. She told me that they could nothing more for me that wasn't already being done...i.e. pain management through medication and exercises...and to avoid stress. So here I am with chronic pain due to M.E. and osteoarthritis in my spine and other areas. Signing on every other week for job seekers allowance and hoping I don't get sanctioned. Avoid stress?   I wish!

I have done some crafting but not as much as I would like.
This was for a Crafters Reunited inspiration challenge. The colour green

For my eldest son and DIL wedding anniversary

Another Crafters Reunited challenge....Poppies

 For my youngest son's birthday.....used Craft Artist. Printed out flat and then raised the "Happy"  with foam pads.

 Another Crafters Reunited..things with wings.

Similar to to son's card.This was for niece's partner, and also doubled up for CR Challenge. A tag .
I won the draw with this one and won a £5 voucher to spend with Cutting Edge Crafts. I purchased another set of mini distress ink pads. My collection of colours is slowly growing.

 Finally a card made for this month's challenge. I got to set the theme as I won last month so I chose "Autumn colours" I made it using papers from Making cards magazine. Initially I wasn't keen on this set..wasn't my thing. But now I realise I ought to take another look at some of the others that I have dismissed as "not quite me."

Thank you for visiting.  I hope it won't be so long until I post again.