Monday, 1 September 2008

Rain, birthday and wedding

Sunday saw me at son and DIL's as usual. It started raining during the afternoon but thought it would only be a shower. How wrong was I? I got totally drenched on the way home...had to squelch upstairs and change......totally. Would you believe that the rain eased off about half an hour after I reached home...that is just so typical!

Today is my birthday.....and I tend not to notice them too much now. I did get a beautiful flower arrangement from my friend. I can't take a picture as I haven't got my camera software loaded onto the comp. I'm rubbish at taking pics anyway.
Tomorrow is my DLA appeal. It's at 10 o'clock so that means a very early start for me....I have to be out for the bus at about 8.30. I'm not holding my breath for winning the appeal....but I can but try. If I don't win it I will just have to make another claim and go through it all again.

The weekend saw me making a wedding card. It was for an 80 year old lady to give to her grandson and bride to be. She wanted traditional and luxurious. The card was delivered to the customer today and the feedback is that the customer was very happy and it exceeded I am happy.

The card is gold embossed with a parchment wrap that I embossed on 2 corners and added a few self adhesive pearls.
The rose image is one very kindly shared by Jak that I decoupaged.
Apologies fort he pic being a bit dark..had to scan it...and decoupage doesn't like being scanned!!


Liz said...

Beautiful card Sue, nice to see you posting your cards for a change.

Liz said...

Me again Sue, so sorry I missed your birthday posting. I do hope you had a nice day.