Monday, 15 September 2008

They could've told me!

Who??..What?? The DWP (Department of work and pensions)....that's who!!!! That they have changed the day I receive my benefit...that what!!
I went to the post office to withdraw my fortnightly Incapacity benefit and was told that there was nothing in my account. When I rung the DWP they informed me that my pay day has been changed. Now why couldn't they have let me know?.....why wait until go to the post office to collect my money and pay my bills, do a little shopping, find nothing in the account and trudge all the way back home and have to ring them? Luckily my son got paid today or we would have been without milk and gas. Now I have to inform my electricity supplier and my landlord that my payments to them will now will now be paid fortnightly on Tuesday instead of Monday. Don't the DWP realize that us mere mortals have enough to deal with without them making decisions and not telling us? OK..rant over.

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Anonymous said...

Ah...but they're THE DWP! A higher power than the rest of us plebs...
Forget the time use a crystal ball! Anne x.