Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The sun came out...

...so I went out and did the rest of the back garden.....and some washing... got it all dried as well.
I've still got the front garden to do but I'm feeling rather pleased with myself.
Tomorrow I was supposed to be starting a10 week adult evening class for the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) but I've decided not to go for it yet. My reason?.....I don't really feel very confident about walking home in the dark. I have to pass the local shops which can be a bit intimidating with the kids that hang around. The classes are at one of our local secondary schools and not too far away..but they run from 7 'til 9. I could get the bus, but as they are only every half hour at that time of night and I would only be travelling 3 stops, I would be quicker walking. I'm hoping that the classes are held again early next year....the nights will be lighter then. I'm a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to it...but hey....there's always next year.

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