Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Got my glasses at last

The rain keeps coming...I'm not going to get any gardening done this week that's for sure....and the grass is growing ....fast! Little Theo is keeping us all amused and on our toes. I've had to move a couple of ornaments but other than that he seems to be very contented and has settled in very nicely. He has a good appetite and is fully litter trained...thank goodness. My 2 "boys"....19 and 24... are loving playing with him and and are very amused at his antics.
Yesterday I had a phone call that my reading glasses were ready.....nearly two weeks after my eye test. So I took myself off to town to fetch them. Wasn't sure if this was a good idea as I don't usually go that far on my own. I sometimes forget what I've gone to town for and can sometimes get confused in crowds. Anyway I made the trip ok...off the bus......into the opticians and then back on the bus home. The assistant wasn't very congenial.....perhaps they had been warned that I had made a complaint. Makes no difference to me now though.....I won't be using them again.
Now that I've got both pairs of glasses I have to get used to them. The readers are quite a bit stronger than my last prescription...and I'm still hating the fact that I have to keep swapping.

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