Monday, 29 September 2008

Summer arrived..... in Sheffield on Saturday. Sunday was a little cooler but fine and today has been definitely autumnal with a cold wind. My garden is covered in fallen leaves...I don't have any trees.....but the surrounding gardens do. More clearing up for me to do.
I'm off to the hospital tomorrow morning for a bone scan, and then to town in the afternoon for an appointment with my "back to work" advisor. A complete waste of time but I have to go.
I hope to spend a couple of days making some cards...I haven't made a card for a few weeks now, and I really must make a start for Christmas or it will be upon me before I know it. Every year I tell myself that I'm going to be more organized...yeah..right.

Theo is growing fast (almost 12 weeks old) and is becoming very mischievous. There's nothing that he wont investigate.....that's why I call him "Theo the Bold"....I can see him getting into some real trouble if he isn't careful. He's already found a way to get onto the kitchen work surfaces...and he managed to turn the kettle on. My son now remembers to turn the power off at the wall socket..something I've been telling to do for the last few years. Theo loves to sleep on my computer chair....a bit awkward at times, especially if I'm using the computer.
Here are a few pictures of him. The quality isn't very good as they were taken with my son's camera phone.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, Theo is getting bigger! And..if you look carefully at the last photo of him he seems to have moved from switching the kettle on to checking out the biscuit tin! What a sophisticated cat! Anne x.

budge said...

Hasn't he grown bless him.

Sylv xx