Thursday, 5 June 2008

Where's the rain gone?

Just when I'd resigned myself to not being able to get out into the garden due to the weather forecast of rain for most of the week.....what happens?.....glorious sunshine! It has rained a little in the evening which has made it perfect gardening weather. The weeds pull out so much easier when the soil is damp. I haven't been able to cut the hedges as I borrow my son's hedge cutters, so decided not to fetch them over 'til the weekend. What's the betting on the weather turning against me? On a more positive note I did get the 3 Father's Day cards done. Had a struggle with one of them though. You know how it get an idea in your head and it just doesn't turn out the way you had envisaged it. I just hope the recipients like them.....Update......Just this minute had a phone call from son....the lady who asked for the cards loves them!! Yay! it when I get positive feed back.

I'm having a real problem with my feet at the moment. They are so swollen that walking is painful even around the house. I didn't need to go out yesterday and it was a good job as I would not have got any shoes of any description on my feet. I'm starting to worry a little as I have a hospital appointment next Tuesday, the condition management course on Friday and a day with 3 of my grandkids on Saturday. What am I to do if my feet swell so much that I can't get out? (Any suggestions gratefully It could also prevent me getting out into the garden as well.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya. Wish I could come up an idea to ease the foot problem. How about a hunky bloke to carry you around. You wouldn't need any shoes at all! Too right about the rudeness of people. You make some wonderful cards (I'm the number one fan, by the way!) and if some people can't thank you for swapping ideas with them then they need a good...telling off!!! Love the blog! Anne x.