Sunday, 15 June 2008

A lovely day out

Saturday started cloudy but brightened up considerably by the time I went to see my grand kids. We did have the odd shower but not enough to spoil our day. A lovely day spent in a park then on to a museum....lots of interesting things to see and do. Too much really...we need another visit. Of course they just had to go into the attached do kids always know where to find the most expensive of items without really trying? My grand daughter, nearly 12, is growing so fast that she is almost as tall as me....well that isn't hard seeing as I'm only 5 ft tall. She takes after her mum, fortunately, height wise. No problem with buying clothes that are the right length...unlike me or her dad.
They were a little late due to traffic so I decided to have a look at the craft stuff in a nearby shop while I was you do.....and ended up buying a couple of small punches. When I arrived home I had to try out the punches and was dismayed. They wouldn't punch. I was getting a little annoyed at the thought of having to go back to the shop with them..then I looked more closely. They had a little button on the top which locked them...they worked after all. Feeling a little ashamed that I should have read the packaging properly to start with, I read it mention of this little locking device. So it wasn't all my fault!
I went to son and DIL's for dinner again today....even though I was still tired from yesterday's day out. Brought the new hedging shears back with me as my hedges really do need cutting back now. My son has used them and is really pleased with their performance...better than he expected for cordless. No problem with trailing cables. As I sit here typing, what is the weather doing?....yeah....absolutely persisting it down! Just my luck for the weather to change when I really do need to get a job done. All I can do now is hope that it brightens up during the next few days.

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