Saturday, 21 June 2008

A miserable day

What a wet miserable day it's been...the rain, although only light, has not stopped all day. I'm really tired today...not much sleep and painful joints again don't help. I didn't get out of bed until lunch time....haven't stayed in bed that late for a few weeks now. I thought I'd broken that cycle of missing the favourite part of the day... I used to love taking the dog for a walk at 6 o'clock.
I got to thinking a bit more about the condition management course today, trying to think more positively about it...and I realized that I haven't made any cards for about 3 weeks!! So I've set myself a little goal. I browse a few craft challenge blogs but I never actually join in with them. My challenge to myself is to try and loosely follow a couple of these challenges.....not particularly to actually take part....but more for inspirational purposes. If I do manage to actually make a card that fits the requirements of a challenge, then I might post on here.

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