Friday, 20 June 2008

An apology...

I think I have the condition management course sussed. One of the workers tried to motivate me to set a goal for myself....either long term.... or short term for next week. This was because after reading the "homework" set last week I didn't do it. I didn't think that any of the exercises related to me. After today's session I realized that all the others that were on the course are there because they have been taken off incapacity benefit, and are now on job seekers and looking for employment. The way I see it..and I could be wrong that I don't need any motivation to find work. I want to go back to work. My former employer told me that they would be only too happy to take me back when I was fit enough. I am not fit enough to work. My GP says I am not fit enough....the DWP says I'm not fit enough. I would love nothing better than to be out there earning a wage rather than relying on the pittance of benefits.

On a different subject I have an apology to make to the local cat population. As most gardeners will know...when you dig over a new flower bed, chances are that a cat will try and use it as a litter tray. I dug over one such border and planted a few leftover seeds that my son had given me. The next day I cursed the local cats for digging in it. Today I caught the real culprit.....a blackbird. There he was furiously pecking and digging away with his claws. I think he was after ants...but he may have eaten my newly planted seeds. Sorry cats.

The postie brought me 2 more ATC's. This time from the Crafts Beautiful monthly swap. The theme was black and white. They are really beautiful...and I must say that the scanned picture in no way does them justice. Thanks go to Christine(Cambiel) and Tracy(m10tjm) and of course maggie50 for hosting the swap.

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