Tuesday, 3 June 2008

It's raining...again.

I'm not happy. The weather is against me for cutting the hedges this week, and I doubt that I will be able to do them next week even if the weather is fine as I have rather a lot on. Finally got the details for the Father's Day cards. It is my son that has been asked to make them......6 of them for the same family... and wanted by Friday morning at the latest.....so he asked me to make a couple. No problem I said..that has now gone up to 3 and the trickiest ones..typical!! The trickiest is for a great-grandfather who is Scottish, plays the bagpipes and organ and has a sense of humour....oh and it is from a child. This one has really taxed my brain but I think I've sussed it now....just got to make it. My task has not been made easier due to the fact that my printer was out on the colour cartridge, so that meant me having to make a trip to buy a new one....and I hadn't budgeted for that expense this week. It never rains but it pours comes to mind here.

My mood hasn't been helped by the bad manners of some people. I won't go into too much detail.....suffice to say that if you join in a group craft swap it is only good manners, I think, to be acknowledged for your contribution. If it continues I will not be joining in with future swaps with that particular group. Rant over..nuff said!!

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tiggertastic said...

Our aim was to do the hedge this week as well, oh why did it have to rain everyday. Still it meant more crafting time.

Hope you are feeling a little happier, and maybe you will be thanked soon for your swaps.