Thursday, 19 June 2008

Well I wish...

.........the weather would make up it's mind. Yesterday was quite chilly with some sunshine and showers..more like April than June. Today has been another glorious day with light winds...but has quickly turned dark with heavy rain showers towards the evening. It feels as if there may be a storm brewing. I know I've overdone it again today. Got a bit of housework done....did my weekly washing and went out into the garden and cut the lawns. Well you just can't waste a beautiful sunny day...and more rain has been forecast.
It's the second week of the condition management course tomorrow and I'm not really as excited about it as I was last week. We did have some homework to do but after reading through it several times I don't feel at all inspired by it all. Some of the questions it asks answers for just don't seem to apply to me.....or perhaps I'm missing something?
My neighbours have really p****d me off today. I went to the shop this morning and as I was going down the shared path I noticed a young dead starling. I made a mental note to myself to remove it on my return. It was still there when I got after putting away the bit of shopping I had done I gathered a plastic bag and my small garden shovel. The bird had gone though, so I thought that my neighbour must have moved it. When I went to cut the lawn I noticed that the bird was in amongst one of the plants. I can only assume that the neighbour had kicked it aside when he went out to his car.....during the time that I arrived back home and going out to remove the bird. If I hadn't been out to do the garden, that bird could have been there, unnoticed by me, and with the warm weather it would not have been long before it would be riddled with maggots. Not nice. I don't want to fall out with my neighbours but that is just not on!!

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