Sunday, 8 June 2008

Gloriously sunny Sunday

Today has been a gloriously sunny much for the forecast rain. I have spent the day at son and DIL's. I ended up helping in a small way with their garden. My son is very proud of his little garden and rightly so.....a couple of years ago he wasn't interested in any type of gardening....he just kept the grass and hedges tidy. Now he has a garden to be proud of. OK it will never feature in homes and gardens but it is his little retreat...and spends many hours watching, and delighting in the newly discovered wildlife that visits. Hedgehogs that snuffle around his compost heap, a fox that is no longer wary of him, the many varieties of birds that he feeds and a cheeky squirrel. His grandad would have been proud of him. I've brought home the hedging shears which I hope will get used some time this week. Karl, my eldest at home, has said that he will do that task for me on his next day off from work..Wednesday. I'm not sure that I will be patient enough to wait that long, especially if the weather holds. When it comes to getting a job done I like to get on with it...especially gardening. Not always a good idea for me.....I really must learn to be more patient and pace my energy levels.

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