Saturday, 10 May 2008

Where's the music....?

Ok...where's the music gone? Just when everything is starting to go right something else happens. First my counter went missing..then my card slide show and now my music. Perhaps it's just another of those annoying little glitches. It's been another scorching hot day and I've finally finished the back garden. All I need now is some plants to put in the beds I have been digging....a bit less lawn to cut. I'm going for some heathers I think...very pretty, hardy and easy maintenance. The next big task is the front garden. I'm not going to change much in there as my house is due to be modernized within the next 18 months, and they may have to dig out part of my garden for a boundary wall or fence. From what I've seen of the work already done they do make a bit of a mess of the gardens. Woe betide if they cause any damage in the back after all my hard work. I'm off to son and DIL's tomorrow for a well earned easy day.

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