Friday, 9 May 2008

More sunshine and ATC's

After another glorious day spent in the garden I am really feeling the effects now. Yes, I know, I am my own worst enemy. I should stop and give myself a few days to recover; but ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am just about the most stubborn person they know. To get my garden more manageable for the future there is work that has to be done now....and I'm doing it. I have windows that need cleaning, ironing that needs doing and curtains that need changing. As far as I'm concerned these things can wait. 3 years ago I would have done it all in a couple of days..not now though. I have to prioritise. My priorities are doing the garden....which I love.....while the weather holds. After all, the good weather lifts my mood, and it can only be good to be out and enjoying while I have the chance. Sometimes we have to take opportunities when they arise and think about consequences later.

This morning the postie brought me 2 lovely ATC's from the Imag-e-nation swap for this month. Good weather, a day spent doing something I love and goodies in the post.....what could be better?
Here they are......the theme was "Stitched up"
The first one is from Pat....."Pink Stitched"..and the second from Peridot Poppy...."Bad Hair Day"

Thank you to both ladies. I'm now awaiting 2 from the Crafts Beautiful swap and have already signed up for next months swaps on Imag-e-nation and Crafts Beautiful. ATC's are really addictive. My problem now is how to store them. I could put them in a box, but I don't really want to hide them away. I want to be able to see them!!..after all they are works of art and should be on display.

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