Monday, 19 May 2008

I'm drained....

The weather has turned decidedly chilly over the weekend. We haven't had too much rain though.....cold and rain are definitely not amongst my favourite things. I was hoping to get out into the garden but I feel so drained. I hope I pick up or the grass and weeds will have overtaken the garden and the work I have put in so far will have been to no avail. I'm paying for doing too much last week. Although I didn't overdo the gardening or housework , I did end up going over to son and DIL's 4 times in 7 days. I go for Sunday lunch every week and that journey leaves me an extra 3 trips has really took it's toll. When the weather is nice it is very hard to remember to pace just want to be out there enjoying the sun. My two at home have made our evening meal tonight...they can be very helpful and understanding when the need arises, even though they don't always appear to take notice of my health. Luckily they are quite capable of fending for themselves....well they aren't kids anymore....and I have taught all 5 of my boys to be reasonably competent with domestic chores.

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