Saturday, 17 May 2008

Spaced out...

What an awful day I had health wise yesterday. I couldn't understand at first why I felt so drained and weak. Then it dawned on me. I had taken my evening medication by mistake in the morning. Not too drastic but it meant that I had slightly overdosed. I usually keep my medications separate but for some reason I had left my evening ones with my morning ones. Put it down to a senior moment. I will certainly be more careful in the future. It does go to show though how easy it is to overdose when taking multiple medications......and I still feel a bit "spaced out." Went shopping this morning to the freezer shop. My 2 boys at home certainly know how to get through food, think they must have hollow legs! We usually go on Thursday as it is quieter, and today it was very busy with badly behaved children and a parent who just didn't seem to care. I was glad to get out of there and home to some peace and quiet.

Well I'm not sure if the weed and feed that I put on my garden has worked sufficiently. The moss.....which there is a lot of..... is turning brown but it doesn't seem to have affected Lily. It looks as if I will have to resort to digging it out again.....ggrrrrrrr! We had some rain last night and I had hoped that it might have sped up the process. Today has been very overcast with a few light showers and it is decidedly cooler. I am hoping to get out into the front garden this week, and the back lawn needs cutting again.

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