Thursday, 29 May 2008

Sunshine and butterflies

After Wednesday's deluge today has been an absolutely beautiful sunny day...until the early evening when the rain started again. I managed to get to my hospital appointment even though I hadn't slept much last night. The mammogram didn't take long, well it never does, and all that travelling when I only live a short bus ride from my local hospital. Just my luck that the specialists I need to see are at a hospital at the other side of the city.

I arrived home to find post....and crafty post at that...not a bill in sight! Since our regular post lady has been away the post has been getting later and later......4 o'clock yesterday!! I digress...the postie brought me this month's crafting mag..and 2 beautiful ATC's from the CB forum May swap....and here they are. Thank you Silvercustard and Shada. Oh if you hadn't guessed the theme was butterflies.

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tiggertastic said...

I do love these ATC's, my favourite theme for the May swap.