Thursday, 8 May 2008


Another hot long is it going to last I wonder. I know I'm going to sound as if I'm grumbling....and I suppose I am in a way...but those of you who have any arthritic condition will know that it is not just cold weather that causes problems with swollen and painful joints. Hot weather has the same effect as well, and don't I just know it! Today has been hard to do anything with my hands and my feet seem to have grown.....from a size 3 to a 5. Thank goodness for oversized trainers, without them I would have been totally housebound today. I must get a new pair though.....the ones I have are definitely past their best.

The postman brought me my awaited appointment for the rheumatology clinic. Quicker than I thought it would be. I must remeber to pin the letter up or I know I will forget all about it until it's too late and will have to wait months for another one.

I still haven't managed to get out into the front garden to tackle the problem of Lily..but I will get her!! I saw some seeds on sale in a shop when I was in town last week, and I thought I would read the info on the packet to see if it gave any warning about it spreading. Not a word..there should be a warning in big bold lettering!!

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