Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Glorious sun....

I've had a really good day. I know I'm going to suffer for it though in a couple of days...my hands are already swollen and very painful. My day has been spent gardening. I just couldn't let the chance pass me by. It's been a gloriously sunny day.....perfect gardening weather.... the weeds have been easy to lift out as the soil is still quite damp under the surface. It has taken me all day whereas at one time it would have only taken me a couple of hours. I've also done a load of washing.....sunny with a light wind is perfect drying weather as well...and I do love the feel and smell of towels and bedding when they have been dried outside. I'm hoping that the weather will hold and hopefully be able to tackle the front garden. It's a good job I haven't anything planned for the rest of the week. I'm going to be absolutely shattered in a few days. My battle with the Lily of the valley continues. I've noticed that the Irises in the front are not doing as well as they should. At first I thought this was due to the battering they had from the inconsiderate window fitters (November posting)...but no....having looked more closely I see that Lily has made her way to them and is proceeding to strangle them out. The only remedy is to dig the Irises out. I'm not happy about having to do that, but I do have quite a large patch of them in the back garden, so I can replensh the stock later in the year. Beware Lily.....I'm on the warpath now!!!!

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