Sunday, 9 November 2008

Two posts.... one day. What a day it's been. The weather is atrocious...wet, windy, cold and dark. I didn't go to son and DIL's as usual on a Sunday. They are just recovering from the bug that seems to be going round at the moment...and I think I'm starting with I didn't really want to venture out. I did have to nip to the shops though...we had almost run out of bread and Theo ran out of cat biscuits. I got absolutely soaked and now my head is starting to quietly pound. Hopefully the pain killers will keep it at bay. Finally managed to post a comment on Daring Cardmakers..after the third attempt! ...and I've finally cracked how to leave a clickable link as well. I'm getting very clever with the computer...but I still get lost with editing and saving pictures from the camera phone. Have to keep asking John (my youngest) what to do next.
As for Theo..he's been a little horror today....charging round like something possessed, climbing in my wet shopping bag (why do cats have to climb into every bag and box they come across?) and climbing the chimney breast. It does need decorating so I'm not too fussed about it at the moment...but the decorating is going to wait 'til the house has been modernized. That should be sometime next year, but the way things are going it could be a lot longer than that. I'm tempted to paint it, but that would in my mind would be a complete waste of money.
Theo is now sleeping on the computer chair while I'm typing this...butter wouldn't melt!...and 'm perched on the edge of the seat. He is now 17 weeks old and massive! Here are a few pics. They are all of him sleeping 'cos when he's awake he wont stay still long enough.


lola rose said...

Hi Sue. Sorry to hear the weather's been so bad. I used to lived in Sheffield until about 8 weeks ago - I know the weather!!!
Thanks ever so much for stopping by the Pink Petticoat blog : ) You know those clickable links - can you tell me how to do it please!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Butter certainly wouldn't melt! He is getting big though. Are you sure there isn't any "grow more" in those cat biscuits?! Love the cards by the way. Anne x.