Tuesday, 4 November 2008


...that's the only way I can describe the weather today....and I'm glad that I didn't have to go out in it. I've spent a big part of the day putting together the decoupage that I cut out a couple of weeks ago...and I've run out of silicone. Now do I nip to a little local craft shop tomorrow and pay an extortionate price for a very small tube....or order online and wait a couple of days for it to arrive? If I order online I just know that I will find that other things will have inexplicably jumped into my shopping basket. It must be some sort of phenomena that happens to all crafters. I've finished yet another challenge card and son has taken a photo of it....I'm now waiting impatiently for him to upload it as it has to be in by tomorrow at 5.00 pm. After all this crafting I'm tird but my head is spinning with ideas for cards..so much so that I can't really think straight.
Eldest son is coming over tomorrow with my "new" camera phone....Woohoo!!! Hopefully I will be able to take pictures with it better than I would a camera....so... me thinks it will be big hints for crafty stuff for Christmas instead of a camera. Hmm.. what should I hint at? A cuttlebug or bigshot sounds a good idea to me. Won't hold my breath though...best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

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Jackie said...

oohh cuttle bug , buttle cug lol... with all them kids and grandkids... get them all to put in a few bob.. and its yours ! (and know what you mean about things jumping in baskets) lol... gremlins i reckon, do it ! lol x