Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Just a quickpost

This was an interesting challenge. I found lots of inspiration...and got a bit side tracked....but finally settled on this one.

I've got a couple of medallion stamps but don't use them often enough. I'm still in Christmas mode but don't have any christmassy ones. So what I did here was stamp on to acetate with stazon and then coloured it using some glass paints that I have never used. Painted with the traditional red and green it gives a bit of a Christmas stained glass window look.


Well I got this made in time but I couldn't get a posting on the challenge site, so it looks as though I will miss out this week as the deadline has now passed. A bit disappointed about it now.


Craft Fairy said...

You may have missed the deadline but the card is a treasure.


Jackie said...

blast... thats a bummer.... fab card thou Sue, what a shame you missed the deadline.

Susie Little said...

We all way check the spam before we go a head with the favourite selection and the number generation for the winner as you posted your comment at 1.30pm your entrie is still valid!
so you didn't miss the deadline. Unfortunately we get a lot of spam and have to have the spam checker but others get put in the spam folder too! so just because your comment didnt show theres no need to lose hope!
If its a valid entrie and your posted comment is before 5pm on the wednesday it will be ncluded!

Susie x