Friday, 1 August 2008

Silly me!!!...

More like stupid me!!.....yesterday I was struggling with trying to organize my photo bucket account for my ATC's....then I realized.....I can do the organizing on here!.....and put a link for it. I will get round to sorting it out over the next few days hopefully, that is as long as my brain doesn't become addled again.
All my pics are stored on AOL, but not in any particular order and some are waiting to be edited and/or enhanced. There are a lot of family pics on there so I keep it private.

After last nights thunderstorm I thought that it would be decidedly cooler such luck. It has very muggy again with the odd rain shower. I'm never going to get the grass cut at this rate.
Went for my final CMP meeting today and I must say that I am feeling a lot more positive about things. They may be able to arrange transport so that I can attend the pain management course. This is due to another lady from my area who wants to attend but has the same difficulties with transport. Will see what comes from that. I'm also investigating the possibility of attending aqua aerobics sessions which are now available at my local leisure centre. This will help with keeping mobile without putting too much strain on my joints...and perhaps help towards losing the stone that I have put on in the last year. My weight isn't a problem at the moment and I don't want it to become one. Besides the keep active angle I'm also looking into evening classes at the local school which runs short college courses... most costing only £1 a session for benefit claimants. The way I look at it.....I've nothing to lose.

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