Thursday, 31 July 2008

Weather,sleep and post

The last few days have been very changeable weather wise. Tuesday saw another sweltering hot day, while Wednesday started out wet and overcast but turned hot and sunny in the afternoon. Today has been wet....but still very warm and muggy. I managed to get my errands done in between the heavy showers. The nights are the the worst...I'm not finding it easy to get much sleep with the heat....and I'm so tired. The lawns need cutting, the hedges need trimming and I haven't found the energy to get them done. I need some proper sleep!

Changing the subject I'm waiting on post. ATC's from Crafts Beautiful forum, my prize from Crafts Beautiful...(was advised that I would receive it by Wednesday) problems this end or theirs?.....and some unmounted stamps I ordered....not too worried about those, was told to expect a delay due to high demand.

I've been trying to sort out a photo bucket account to put my pictures of ATC's swaps. I'm not doing very well with it....finding it very hard to concentrate on anything remotely technical at the true British style I'll blame the weather.

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