Monday, 18 August 2008

Not a good start

The weekend has seen me being very lazy and not doing very much at all. I still went to son and DIL's for lunch and it took me longer than normal to walk there. For the last few days my left knee has been giving me some real pain. It feels as if I have twisted it but I can't think how or when. This morning was up early to collect a parcel from the local sorting office that I didn't get to the door fast enough for on Saturday. Post people (see...I'm being PC there) don't hang about waiting for you to hobble to the door. Then I had to collect my prescription from the doctor's surgery and found that they had repeated one that I ordered and collected 2 weeks ago!..then to the post office to pay some bills and local shop for a few groceries....and all this in the pouring rain! Hey!... and guess what? stopped raining when I arrived home. Not a good start to the week. Tomorrow I have the rheumatology clinic so I may be able to find out what I've done to my knee....and the weather forecast is for more rain.

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