Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Rain, new shoes...and CBT!

After Saturday's efforts in the garden I was left feeling totally drained. The weather on Sunday was very changeable with bright sunshine then very heavy showers. Monday started out fine so again I was out in the garden.....this time cutting the hedges. I took my time...not much choice in the matter really...I was still in pain from Saturday. The weather turned again to heavy rain.....which I think was providential for me. If it had still been fine I might have been tempted to start on the front garden.....lawn, hedges and borders. I've still a bit to do in the back garden yet, but nothing that is desperately needing attention. I'm aching today with swollen hands and feet. Talking of feet..(weren't we?)...I bought some cheap slip on shoes last Thursday. I was so sick of only being able to wear my comfortable, sensible black shoes....with socks...I can't wear shoes without anything on my feet. Well I found some slip on elasticated shoes, two pairs actually...but I didn't want to have to wear socks....and I didn't want the blisters either. So I have now found a new use for funky foam. Cut a thin strip and glued it inside the back of the new shoes.....no blisters!! Ok the shoes are no good for wet days..but they are a bit stretchy so will allow for my feet swelling slightly. Who wants to wear black sensible shoes.....with socks....in the middle of summer when wearing light summer clothes! One pair are black and white with a couple of buckled straps....the other not quite lilac with a very subtle sheen..a bit like the old black or white plimsoles we had to wear for P.E. at shool but a bit updated and "girly."

I've got my first day at the pain management course on Friday....again I'm not sure about it. They have sent me a questionnaire which asks for you to fill in before Friday. Now I know my mind sometimes leaves me completely.....but I'm not stupid. All the questions ask me to tick a relevant box about my condition, and how it may be affected with physical exercise. CBT again.....(that is cognitive behaviour therapy.) Tell myself often enough that I am not in any pain....that's it's all in my mind... and I will make a miraculous recovery and no longer be dependant on benefits or be a burden on society....yeah...right....I wish!

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